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Topic: Vista Taking a Bite Out of Apple in OS Wars?

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    Vista Taking a Bite Out of Apple in OS Wars?

    Despite the "I'm a PC I'm a Mac" TV ads, Mac OSX market share actually fell while Vista seems to be gaining.

    According to Computerworld:
    "Windows Vista more than doubled its market share in March from the prior month, while the share of computers running Mac OS X fell for the first time in nine months, according to statistics released today by market research firm Net Applications.

    By the end of March, Vista was used by 2.04% of computers connected to the Internet, according to the Aliso Viejo, Calif.-based company. That's up from 0.93% of PCs in February.

    Now ranked the fifth-most popular operating system by Net Applications, Vista jumped ahead of Windows 98, which had a 1.36% share. Vista still trailed its seven-year-old ancestor, Windows 2000, which had 4.71% share in March.

    The share of PowerPC-based Macs fell, though, from 4.29% in February to 3.94% in March. That dip was not fully offset by an increase in Intel-based Mac hardware, leading to a overall net decline in Mac share of 0.3%, to 6.08% in March.

    Vista has now been available to consumers for two months -- and to businesses for four months. Microsoft said last week that it had sold more than 20 million licenses of Vista, eclipsing the 17 million licenses for XP it had sold in its first two months of general release."

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    Re: Vista Taking a Bite Out of Apple in OS Wars?

    But Gary,

    Surely the real point is whether Vista is good to use, or more to the point, whether it's worth using for audio production, or with GPO/GJABB?

    Personally, Vista looks (at the moment) too memory intensive for me, for my home DAW at least (not to mention other uses).

    Also, Vista seems a step backward in its' restrictiveness and basically user-rights crippling ability. At least we didn't get Longhorn, but still

    At any rate, I don't see any reason to ditch Windows XP, which despite its' faults, is (in my view) a very useful/intuitive OS for editing music, whether in MIDI/digital formats, and for using memory intensive programs like samplers (such as the wonderful Garritan programs ).

    - Spike

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    Re: Vista Taking a Bite Out of Apple in OS Wars?

    Since we have a Microsoft Audio Forum, coiuld we also have a Mac Audio Forum?

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    Re: Vista Taking a Bite Out of Apple in OS Wars?

    Vista is only slightly more restrictive if you shut of UAC (User Access Control). I shut this off when installing apps but then turn it on when I'm done. This is a great feature to stop spyware and other nasty software from automatically installing on your system.


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    Re: Vista Taking a Bite Out of Apple in OS Wars?

    Vista experienced a spike because of its relatively recent launch. OSX sales dipped because people are waiting for Leopard and the next generation of Mac hardware.

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