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Topic: Kirk Hunter - Class act!

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    Kirk Hunter - Class act!

    yeah ok, I realize after writing the thread title you might think I'm being sarcastic - not at all! I just thought I wanted people to know how great the service is from him; a lot of my DVDs and CDs had been damaged and I weren't able to read them anymore (not just the KH DVDs mind you), and when I wrote him and asked for replacement he promptly sent them - I didn't have to pay for shipment or anything, despite the fact that he had to send them across the Atlantic.

    Now it makes me wonder - how many other developers would do that?

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    Re: Kirk Hunter - Class act!

    Kirk is indeed a terrific fellow.
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    Re: Kirk Hunter - Class act!

    That's the type of thing that convinced me to go with KHE as well. And if you call support, 90% of the time the phone is answered by Kirk himself. Can't beat that....

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    Re: Kirk Hunter - Class act!

    100% agreed!

    Kirk Hunters support is in the same league as Mr. Garritans and Mr. Spruijts support! Emails are being answered in a few hours/within 1 business day, replacement discs sent without additional costs or customer accusations.
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    Re: Kirk Hunter - Class act!

    That is one of the things that has most impressed me about Kirk - his willingness to personally help each and every client. The other was his painstaking care he takes in his sampling and scripting of his products.


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    Re: Kirk Hunter - Class act!

    A quick question:

    Is KH Emerald, etc. compatible with Vista?

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    Re: Kirk Hunter - Class act!

    Quote Originally Posted by matolen
    A quick question:

    Is KH Emerald, etc. compatible with Vista?
    depends entirely on the sampler you are using. you can buy it in kontakt, giga, or exs formats. if those samplers work in vista khe will. sorry i'm a mac guy, I don't know what software works in vista, but i would imagine kontakt and giga are supported...

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    Re: Kirk Hunter - Class act!

    Since Emerald uses Kontakt 2 and EXS as its formats (and is essentially wav files), then as long as NI Kontakt 2 works in Vista, yes it will work. In any case, the wav files can be loaded in by anything - but have fun because there are thousands and thousands of files!


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    Re: Kirk Hunter - Class act!

    Maybe I'm sending it to the wrong email, but I've email a couple of times now about the Chamber Viola.rar being damaged and I've still to hear back about getting a replacement. Is there a contact email I should know about for faster service?
    hmmm... I just used the one on the 'contact' page of his website - and 1 day later I got an answer.

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    Re: Kirk Hunter - Class act!

    The address I've used is muzkguy at aol.com.

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