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Topic: Kyma Wave's CD

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    Kyma Wave's CD

    I heard a small library that was made from the awesome DSP platfrom from Symbollic Sound that was made for Kontackt, but have forgotten it's name. It's rather obscure, but I really liked it, and can convert it to WAV files for use in a new upcoming hardware synth that utilizes WAV Oscillators.

    Does anyone here have any ideas on who was the distributor?

    I don't think the name Kyma was on the title, but definately was in the credits.

    Thank You,


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    Re: Kyma Wave's CD

    google Extended Waves

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    Re: Kyma Wave's CD

    Way to go guy, thanks.


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    Re: Kyma Wave's CD

    I thing Things That Go Bump in the Night were made from Kyma also.

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