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Topic: Has anyone tried to use a MIDI Solutions Pedal Controller with Strad?

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    Has anyone tried to use a MIDI Solutions Pedal Controller with Strad?

    Here's my problem. Before Strad came out, I saw that I needed a keyboard with a mod wheel, aftertouch, and expression pedal. So I bought an E-MU Xboard 49, which I thought would do everything I wanted.

    It doesn't. The problem is that although it supports both a footswitch and an expression pedal, it doesn't support both at once. So I am faced with the problem of adding the missing functionality. And obviously I'd rather not buy a new keyboard.

    It has been suggested that I could map one of the control knobs on the Xboard to the expression pedal, but of course that needs another hand :-) But I just stumbled on a little gadget that lets me connect an expression pedal (which I have) into the MIDI stream from any device (such as the Xboard) and it will merge messages showing the position of the expression pedal into the MIDI stream.

    Sounds like just what I want. However, when I checked out the possibility of buying one on Musician's Friend, I found that someone had given it a very negative review, which, since it is the only review, they won't display.

    Now, I know enough to know that a single review is not necessarily convincing, especially as other products from the same manufacturer have gotten positive reviews, and because I can't see what the reviewer actually said. For all I know, the reviewer is a shill for a competing product.

    Nevertheless, I would like to know whether this is a product that is likely to do what I want, and whether anyone else has tried it and can say anything about experience with it.

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    Re: Has anyone tried to use a MIDI Solutions Pedal Controller with Strad?

    Sorry this isn't quite what you asked for, but:

    I've just purchased the midi-solutions F8 8-input midi footswitch controller. It was going to be cheaper than buying several individual adaptors. I was also persuaded by the ability to program the controller to remap midi data, and the good reviews I read on the web.

    I haven't tried it - I don't have any foot pedals - yet! I am waiting for two Yamaha FC-7 foot pedals to be delivered.

    I purchased all these items specifically for the Strad library. And now I've ordered the Gofriller. From the demos I've heard, this is the only sampled solo (or ensemble) Cello I've been able to find that is sampled with notes beyond C6 - some library libraries even run out of samples at C5 or E5.


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    Re: Has anyone tried to use a MIDI Solutions Pedal Controller with Strad?

    OK... so I ordered the pedal controller and found some good news and some bad news.

    The good news is that it works beautifully!

    The bad news is that the pedal controller must be powered from the MIDI device upstream from it, and the E-Mu Xboard does not provide MIDI power. So I cannot use the pedal controller directly with the Xboard.

    The temporary solution: Connect the Xboard to my computer via USB-MIDI. Use Midi-Ox to route its input to one of the MIDI outputs of my Edirol SD-90 synth module. Connect that MIDI output, which does provide MIDI power, to the pedal controller. Connect the pedal controller to the MIDI *input* of the SD-90. Tell Stradivari to take its input from the SD-90's MIDI input. It all works, believe it or not.

    The permanent solution: Order from MIDI solutions a power supply that will go between the Xboard and the pedal controller. That's one more piece of hardware to deal with, but I get back two MIDI inputs that way and it's a heck of a lot simpler.

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