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Topic: Tired Of The ( yawn,..) Same Old ****?

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    Cool Tired Of The ( yawn,..) Same Old ****?

    I must be the only guy here who is so tired of another piano, another wind, another string library. I have used giga since the Nemesys days, and use it because in a live situation, it excells. I have never had a crash onstage for 8 years !! Sure, Giga is a pain to get it set up right, but once you decide how to run it, that dog will hunt.
    I am excited that some developers are starting to grow a brain and make something other than the same old ****. GigaViolin can be used for several different styles of playing which is a start, but I need other sounds than what I've seen re-gurgitated over, and over since it's inception.
    Pedal Steel, Mandolin, or new waveforms created in Kyma, or Scope. These are great elements to add to real synthesizers. And because of the complexity of the Pedal Steel, developers would rather try to make their " piano " better. How ? 16 more uneeded layers ? Please !! Take a chance, try something that requires a little knowledge and foresight in programming. With all of the new developer tools that are available you'd think someone would be attempting this. Hell @ least in the Scope platform and other DSP platforms, talented programmers will build you custom devices to your liking. I surely hope that Giga developers take a look at the success those platforms have achieved. They have done so well as a community, that their software synth Solaris, has now been built in hardware. That is a fine example of maturity.
    So please Mr. Developers, take a chance and make something that the other 50 guys aren't making. Afterall, I counted that there were 60 different libraries for acoustic grand piano !! That's obscene. I would love for one guy to listen to all of those and be able to say oh that's the Bosendorfer, or that's the C7. I think not !!

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    Thumbs up Re: Tired Of The ( yawn,..) Same Old ****?

    Good thought. I was bidding on some libraries in ebay myself. I still dont have a complete orchestra library for cheaps.

    Anyways, how about building our own Giga library? Lets make a database. All users sample whatever they can and put it in the database. I have a Kawai K5000W and a fusion. It makes some weird noises if you program it.

    How about the others? Sample your stuff and make your own library and share it with the rest of us!

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    Re: Tired Of The ( yawn,..) Same Old ****?

    yeah there are an over abundance of piano and orchastra instruments. I'm happy that I can get a really nice Piano or said instruments though. Guitars are getting better, I haven't really heard a really great sounding distortion guitar. I do like Bela D's Lyrical distortion and its sequal, which I will be getting as soon as I get my GS3 up and going. Also in the past there's been a shortage of vocal packages which now seems to finally growing in selection.
    I work on wide ranges of styles from classical to Industrial rock. I don't mind tweaking samples and grinding them through the fx-patches to create new sounds but having something to begin with saves me a ton of time which can be spent performing or writing.
    My guess it that there are some libraries that are more favorable to twisting and tweaking, and thats also important to me. It may start as a grand piano, but when I get done with it it will be something completely alien. Then again I really don't need a ultra realistic piano if I'm going to run it through a load of fx patches.
    I'd personally like to see more libraries for Guitar and vocals, I haven't looked at the Synths yet, but I'll be looking for a synth library that has some really full and phat synths. New takes on the tried and true, like pianos that are less then perfect, like clanky sounding ones or obscure models that have very unique characteristics.

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    Re: Tired Of The ( yawn,..) Same Old ****?

    I think people want developers to program libraries so it makes very little effort on their end.

    Some libraries just can't replace humans. Everyone is looking for that holy grail sax library.

    Some instruments just take more work on the user end to sound decent.

    I agree with the piano comments. Most people on the street probably couldn't tell a real piano from the Microsoft synth that's built into Windows. Anyone on this site doesn't qualify as "most people on the street".

    We assume a 200GB library must be better than a 2GB library.

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    Re: Tired Of The ( yawn,..) Same Old ****?

    Quote Originally Posted by kitekrazy

    Some libraries just can't replace humans. Everyone is looking for that holy grail library.
    Totally Agreed!

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