Submitted for your approval: this is an unusual Scriabin prelude rendered with the Bardstown Bosie. I feel it is an example of the power you can get out of that piano. I first used the Holy Grail (translated), then tried The Grand, and also Gigapiano (translated). None sounded quite right...too weak. The intro is completely original, and I altered a lot of parts, especially at the end. Traditionalists might find the interpretation to deviant and liberal, but I don't think too many of them show up here. I tried really hard to 'humanize' the sequencing with ramped tempo changes, velocities and slightly de-quantized notes, as per previous criticisms on Flight of the Bumblebee...Please be honest as I was planning on putting this on my first album and I still have a little time to change it if neccesary...but not enough time to be just plain fussy.

Also at this link are my personal arrangments of Swan Lake and Flight of the Bumblebee, the later of which has been slammed hard on another forum, and a bit here, but not yet changed (I haven't even gotten around to adding some reverb to it). I need three more "poor" votes before I scratch it from my track list. (Though I'm not making that a promise since I still love it). I do recognize the lack of ''humanness" in the sequence and the lack of depth (which I partly blame on the Holy Grail's micing and the translation of its velocity layers, but I just loved the tone)