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Topic: tango & klezmer clarinet

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    tango & klezmer clarinet

    does anyone know a sample library that has lots of bizarre clarinet sounds, such as the "laughing" klezmer sound? also is there a good directory out there of musicians who have home recording studios and do remote recordings for things like clarinet and other horns/winds/strings? thanks

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    Re: tango & klezmer clarinet

    Can't help on the sample libraries, but may be able to help as a clarinettist if you end up taking that route. Mainly do funk, blues and jazz clarinet, but have done a little klezmer and can certainly pull off effects and high playing. Have a look at www.petenewman.net if interested.

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    Re: tango & klezmer clarinet

    VSL comes with a lot of nice clarinet articulations.

    Crescendoes, diminuendoes, trills, swoops, etc.

    You can hear some of them here: http://alanb.org/music.shtml

    Listen to "Luna's Dance (excerpt)"

    — alanb




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    Re: tango & klezmer clarinet

    Yeah actually I was gonna recommend VSL too, the sfz and sffz articulations work surprisingly well on non-classical genres. Often they have a rougher, more aggressive tone than you would've thought VSL would give you.
    Wilbert Roget, II

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