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Topic: A Symphonic Poem

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    Post A Symphonic Poem

    This is the end result of about 3 months of work. A Symphonic Poem is a musical depiction of a trip I took about a year ago that didn't go to well. I am not about to explain the details of what actually happened on that trip so you can have fun working that out for yourself while listening to the piece. The piece is devided up into five movements.

    1. The Ambush
    2. Interlude
    3. The Sinister Cloche
    4. Variations on Dies Irae
    5. Marche de Morte

    You may recognize some of these titles from my previous postings, however now that I am done with all five movements I felt it appropiate to post a compilation since they are all part of the same major work. I ask you to please provide feedback. Thanks for listening.

    Ps. Major props to Mr. Garritan for making such a great product. The quality of these renditions would not have been posible without his efforts. Thank you.

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    Re: A Symphonic Poem

    it sounded great, but my only recommendation would be to put links on so we could hear the music!!!
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    Re: A Symphonic Poem

    BRAVO on an enormous achievement! This is a truly enjoyable piece. The writing is first rate and I like your orchestral colors. The use of Dies Irae throughout gave it a wonderful, dark foreboding.

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    Re: A Symphonic Poem

    I am glad you noticed the use of the Dies Irae theme. If you listen carefully, you can hear the theme used all over the place in the second movement. Listen carefully though, it isn't always in the melody lines. See if you can find all the instances in the second movement in which I used that theme. Think of it as a sortof "where is waldo" type musical puzzle.

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    Re: A Symphonic Poem

    wow - so much music! excellent dramatic writing - you say it is based on real life events, i think hollywood might be interested in your story...wonderful work, top to bottom - material, orchestration, rendering...the last third is especially stirring...bravo!!


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    Re: A Symphonic Poem

    Wow, great work with this! I recognized the movements you had posted before, and they sound wonderful stringed together! It is filled with lyrical, catchy melodies, and the orchestration is captivating as it ranges from soft and sweet to bold and powerful, especially with your use of percussion... what a blast! Bravo, Mike, this is fantastic!
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    Re: A Symphonic Poem


    I'm one of those wierdos that would rather NOT hear something they already recognize, but write something like this with an original melody, and you'll have a fan for LIFE!!!


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    Re: A Symphonic Poem

    Mike, as you know, I've followed the individual
    postings on this as they came along -- but I
    had not realized they were all part of a larger
    symphonic poem.

    I've now listened to it in its entirety -- and
    may I sum up the experience in a single word:


    Elsewhere I've commented on the excellent
    work in the individual movements -- but hearing
    the whole work is definitely greater than the
    sum of its parts.

    This is a major work, and I most sincerely hope
    that this finds its way to performance by a live
    orchestra: it is eminently deserving of it!

    With admiration,


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    Re: A Symphonic Poem

    out of curiosity, what language is the title of the final movement intended to be?

    I liked this, it's tonal, rythmic, lyrical, yet very colourful harmonically. It's just this side of a filmscore underscore.

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