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Topic: New to Forum, need help launching Strad

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    New to Forum, need help launching Strad

    Help! I'm very new to using music software, and am having a difficult time launching Stradivarius. I've loaded it on my PC, as well as a G5 Mac I recently purchased on eBay. My PC was challenged as far as having adequate memory, so I bought the MAC to handle all my software solutions. On both computers, I have the same problem. The PC says Windows does not recognize the application and cannot open it. The Mac also says there is no program to launch Strad. When I try to launch Kontakt, it shuts down and asks me to submit a bug report to Apple. I know nothing about computer language, or how to address this problem. I don't have any prolems launching Symphonic choirs, GPO, JABB, or Finale. What the devil am I doing incorrectly? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, minimoog4

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    Re: New to Forum, need help launching Strad

    Hi, I suggest posting this in the Garritan section of the forum under the Stradivarius heading. Maybe someone there will be able to help you.
    Do you have Kontakt2 on your computer? I'm not clear if you mean the Kontakt Player or the full version of Kontakt2. The Strad has to be launched from within one or the other, it can't be opened on its own.

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