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Topic: KS switching randomly on solo Cello KS

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    KS switching randomly on solo Cello KS

    Sorry, I couldn't find anything about this in previous posts.

    In one piece, the Solo Cello KS switches from pizz to trill to normal without any visible KS note in the score. One note would be pizz, the next one a trill (I hear a second note after the one in the score). I've tryied cleaning everything but the notes (dynamics, any text, slur ties any markings etc), it's still doing it. Could it be that that particular instrument is broken? I've tryied Cello 1 KS and Cello 2 KS, it's still doing it. There's nothing else but the cello part in the channel where the cello is.

    Has this happened to anybody else? Does anybody know why this is happening?

    thank you


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    Re: KS switching randomly on solo Cello KS

    before anybody wastes time with my question... I'm an idiot.

    I had a solo violin KS (that isn't in use in the score) also loaded on the same midi channel with the Cello. Since the KS for the violin are higher than the ones for Cello, the notes on the cello were triggering the violin's KS. I was hearing TWO instruments on some notes.........

    There should be a contest for the dumbest question, I'd win it.


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