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Topic: NVA Electronic Guitars

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    NVA Electronic Guitars

    I bought Electronic Guitars from Nine Volt Audio and converted in Stylus RMX but something is not working. Every loop is transposed 20 semitones down. I compared one of the loops with the demo I previously downloaded. What went wrong?

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    Re: NVA Electronic Guitars


    Sounds like you're using an old version of the SAGE Converter.
    You shouldn't run into this problem if you have the latest vsersion - mine is 1.5.1d (says in the upper left hand corner of the converter).

    If you have any other difficulties, feel free to email me directly at info@ninevoltaudio.com



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    Re: NVA Electronic Guitars

    Now with the right version of SAGE CONVERTER it works. But I think it never happened to me such a quick support reply in a place not assumed for direct tech support in a holyday . GREAT MAN! Thank you very much, I'm sure your product will be at the same level

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    Re: NVA Electronic Guitars

    Just to complete the information, I tried to reconvert Stylin' Bassline with Sage Converter 1.5.1d but it crashes. I had to convert again with 1.5k. It works however.

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