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Topic: Freebie sinister piano

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    Cool Freebie sinister piano

    I'm still editing the piano samples I made last week, and just finished a second instrument. This one was aimed at creating the 'Isengaard' sound from LotR (although I believe that was actually achieved by thrashing the piano's innards with a handful of chains; something I won't be able to do o school's piano). The link for the wavs and Kontakt program are here.


    Basically it consists of notes played from the keyboard, whilst also hand damping the string that is being played. I damped the strings in the short space between where they're pegged and where the dampers rest on them, moving along by a finger's width at a time. In this way I got 6 (7 for some strings) discrete sounds from each string. I did this at four or five dynamics for each spot, but unpedalled only (Doing the same thing pedalled, and waiting for natural decays would have taken days rather than hours). The effect really only made much sense for the first octave and a half - after that, pressing on a string (at least on this particular part of it) just kills the sound altogether - so you get A0 to F#2.

    To access the different sounds simply use the modwheel. Pushing it forwards equates to moving the damping finger forwards along the piano string. There are some really great metallic, chugging resonances in there.

    I'd be grateful for any feedback and suggestions for improvements.

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    Re: Freebie sinister piano

    Thank you for thinking of all of us. I've downloaded, and if time allows after paying bills tonight I'll set this piano up and play with it a while . . . and post some comments.

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    Re: Freebie sinister piano

    You are awesome! Feel free to add any of your links to my best free instruments thread...all of your stuff meets my standard of excellence!

    I wish I'd thought of the thrashing with chains when I carted my mothers upright outside and sledgehammered it for the trash man to take away. The soundboard was cracked and the cost of fixing was ten times what the piano was worth, but I could have mic'ed some cool sounds while demolishing it...The whole thing was so unplanned and under so much time restriction, I never even thought about it; otherwise, I would have planned it out and sampled the actual destruction.

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