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Topic: Ptich Bend Range in JABB?

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    Ptich Bend Range in JABB?


    I'm having trouble finding my manual at this moment, so please bear with me. Using JABB, in the Kontakt Player, how do I edit the Pitch Bend range? Thanks!

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    Re: Ptich Bend Range in JABB?

    You should have a PDF manual in your JABB folder.

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    Re: Ptich Bend Range in JABB?

    Thanks Jeff, I'll have to seek it out. Any chance you could just tell me how to do it?

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    Re: Ptich Bend Range in JABB?

    Actually, I don't think you ever could adjust the pitch bend range in the JABB Kontakt Player! (You could do it in the full version of Kontakt, of course)

    If you need a greater pitch bend range, then you can use the equivalent Notation instrument, which should have a range of one octave. However, this becomes problematic in that the legato controller for Notation instruments is cc68 instead of cc64. Hopefully you can find a way to make this work out.

    It's of no help to you now, but in the upcoming Kontakt 2 Player version there is a pitch bend range control on the GUI.

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    Re: Ptich Bend Range in JABB?

    Thanks Markleford. Yeah; I've heard that the next update of the player will finally have that feature. FWIW; I think it's ridiculous that PB range hasn't been adjustable up to this point. It makes live performance of PB range very difficult. Does NI think that everybody only tweaks their parts, and doesn't perform them?

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