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Topic: Wet Samples, Dry Samples and Reverbs

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    Wet Samples, Dry Samples and Reverbs

    I have been using samples ranging from anechoic/ambient to wet instruments, and am a little confused by the results. The Bardstown Bosie for example, has a very wet sound, but I still feel like it needs a little something to pull it together. I tried a few convolution reverbs from the Waves IR disc and they seem too brash. Am I just using too high a ratio, or needing to find the right 'room', or is it better to just use something like Native Reverb that doesn't model a room in order to not compete with the 'implied room' of the samples.

    The other problem is that when I apply the convolution "concert hall" reverbs to my orchestration of 'Egmont' that I did with Reason Orchester, the reverb sounds more like a real hall than anything else I've used, but it seemed to actually accentuate the synthetic-ness of the instruments, so I ended up using Timeworks Native Reverb. So far I haven't found convolution reverb to be all that it is cracked up to be...anyone know why?
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    Re: Wet Samples, Dry Samples and Reverbs


    Thanks very much. I used Waves IR because itis the only one that didn't crash my computer (Cubase SX1 and XP 1800+ process or with 2 Gb of Ram. The altiverb demo and Voxengo demos crashed almost every time. The voxengo worked a few times, but I had trouble understanding its features. Waves had really good documentation and came with lots of Impulses responses, but thanks for confirming my fear that they are not great quality. I have other impuskes response to try from freeware downloads that are said to be good, but I am doubting they will be as good as altiverb, which sounded fine for the few seconds before it crashed. I couldn't even get it to work for offline rendering.

    The waves IR (scoring room IR) sounded okay on "scene" from Swan Lake, which can be heard hear:


    but it sounded terrible with Egmont, so I just used Timeworks Native Reverb for it, which sounds nice but not realistic. I would really like to be able to do what altiverb does, which is to place different decions in virtual positions in space. Maybe when I get a more powerful computer I will try altiverb demo again. That won't be for a while...no money right now.

    "Prelude" at the ame Dmusic link used the stone room reverb from Waves IR...I'm am wondering what people think of how it sounds...the piano is Bardstown Bosendorfer, which already has fairly wet samples, so I used 20% of wet mix and that very small room from IR.

    Thanks everyone.
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    Re: Wet Samples, Dry Samples and Reverbs

    Funny to come across this post as I was gearing up to post one myself.

    My issue is particular to mixing VSL samples (which are close-mic and very dry ) with EWQLSO which are very wet. Are there any tricks to mixing these two libraries well together?



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