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Topic: Dimensity Project

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    Dimensity Project

    I'm glad to introduce to you our pc game project



    FAQ quote: "DIMENSITY is a strategy game with a strong role-playing element. In the world of DIMENSITY you will have the opportunity to adventure, fight against challenging enemies, lead an army and follow up quests." ...

    We are software design and visual entertainment studio focusing on computer games. More info >> http://dagger-games.com

    video trailer >> http://www.gametrailers.com/umwatcher.php?id=55949
    The Dimensity Project at

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    Re: Dimensity Project

    The working title is "Dimensity". It is true hybrid game, which combines elemets from RPG, RTS and other genres. The major inhabitants in the game world are four completely different races - Humans, Triends, Ghosts and Elementals. Each of them is represented in the gameplay in form of number of units (characters and buildings). The main character of each race is its leader who can be either warrior or mage class.

    There are three different playing modes - Campaigns, Challenge mode and Multiplayer. In campaign mode the player will follow a storyline for Humans and Triend races separated in two campaigns.

    The Challenge mode allows the player to take control over one of the race leaders and therefore enjoy the slaughter of thousands aggressive creatures and solve minor quests.

    Multiplayer mode is for the players who like to cross blades with other players. The interesting thing in Dimensity is that the experience and build of the leader of the winner are saved at the end of each multiplayer session and thus there is a real character development in multiple multiplayer sessions.
    The Dimensity Project at

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    Re: Dimensity Project

    The Dimensity Project at

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    Re: Dimensity Project

    I do not quite understand the point of these posts. This is not gaming/publishing forum as far as I know. If you want opinion on audio from your project it would be better to post direct link to it.

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    Re: Dimensity Project

    I'll be gratefull for all kinds of comments about the audio Generel impressions from the game are welcome too ... that's why I've posted detailed info ...

    here are three tracks from the ost:


    thanks in advance
    The Dimensity Project at

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    Question Re: Dimensity Project


    I don't know if this reply is too late (i gues it is) but about the music:

    (did you compose it yourself?)
    Who ever did it is not really experianced. First of all it's not really bringin a certain atmosphere to the game, but more important it's instrumantation has nothing to do with the setting of the game.

    I see wizzards, swords and monsters but I hear piano, synth and harmonica.
    Would be better to use someone that has the right sound, and bring it to life.
    than again, if their was no budget for music you should be glad you got something. Hope this helps.

    Kind regards,


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