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Topic: Removing single instruments from JABB or GPO

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    Removing single instruments from JABB or GPO


    Is it possible to remove single instruments from the JABB, when I'm sure I won't use them and want to save disk space? Like.. I want to remove the Old vintage piano since I bought NI Elektrik Piano. I know the disk space isn't much, but... but is this possible at all or are they all encoded together?

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    Re: Removing single instruments from JABB or GPO

    Nope. All the files are stored as encrypted .nki files. Luckily JABB isn't too big so you wouldn't save much space by just removing an instrument or 2. You never know, you may find that JABB electric piano may sit in better in certain mixes than the NI Electric Piano. I still find myself using sounds in my Roland XP-30 as they fit better than some of the bigger libraries I have.


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