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Topic: Basset Horn? Basset Horn!

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    Basset Horn? Basset Horn!

    Here is an excerpt from Mozart's Quintet for Basset Horn and Strings. The Basset Horn is from VSL's new VI Special Woodwinds package. The strings (violin 1, violin 2, viola and cello) are from VSL's VI Solo Strings. Reverb is Altiverb Mozart Hall IR.

    Comments welcome.



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    Re: Basset Horn? Basset Horn!

    very cool Jay!


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    Re: Basset Horn? Basset Horn!

    Jay, that's some mighty fine string programming, too.


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    Re: Basset Horn? Basset Horn!

    Is that now a material orchestra or a librarie?

    Jay, you have done a very upper-good programming and the Basset Horn sounds great! I enjoyed this

    Jay, do you know something about the CSR Classic Studio Reverb?


    If you are interested, so download the demo here: http://www.classikstudioreverb.com/Main.html?prod-CSR

    I think, with this reverb, you would be certainly completely very content.

    Best regards
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    Re: Basset Horn? Basset Horn!

    Thanks Dan, Mahlon and Gunther.

    It's always nice to get a cyber pat-on-the back. Appreciated.

    Gunther, thanks for the reverb link. I'll try to check it out soon.


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    Re: Basset Horn? Basset Horn!

    howdy ya'll,

    Nice work. This is the Mozart Clarinet quintett right? What an amazing piece. I wonder if anone has done a mock-up of the Brahms clarient quinetett. I have done a couple of recordings of this piece and I think it is probably the best thing Brahms ever wrote. It would be interesting to hear a demo. What a good marketing tool that would be!

    Take care,

    Student in Electro-acoustics

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    Re: Basset Horn? Basset Horn!

    Quote Originally Posted by talisman
    This is the Mozart Clarinet quintett right? John
    Right, except that Mozart originally wrote it for the Basset horn (a slightly darker and deeper voiced cousin of the clarinet). But few people play the basset horn anymore so the work is genereally performed on the clarinet now.


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    Re: Basset Horn? Basset Horn!

    Jay, nice work. If I may ask, how did you sequence the strings (i.e. what software did you use?)

    I'm just getting to know the new ultra-realiztic packages for acoustic instruments, and at first glance is appears that they would be very hard to do perform - lots of post-recording editing to get the articulations right.

    Now I'm wondering if the more recent versions of Finale (I'm still on Finale 2000 - a graduation present to myself) allow you to put that right into the sheet music such that the synth will play it back correctly.

    So, how'd you do it?

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    Re: Basset Horn? Basset Horn!

    Thanks, Raweber-- I used Cakewalk's Sonar 6 Producer Edition and did most of the articulation selection and shaping of controllers using the mouse in the piano roll of the sequencer. I am not familiar with the capabilities of the notation software packages like Finale so someone else will have to answer that part of your question.


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