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Topic: Pitchbend More Than A Major 2nd?

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    Pitchbend More Than A Major 2nd?

    I know the answer to this is probably buried somewhere in the GPO "guidebook," but hopefully I can save time and get a quick answer here in the forum.

    When I send full pitchbend data to the Kontakt player I get a maximum movement of only a major 2nd in either direction. How can I extend the pitchbend range up to, say, a full octave?


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    Re: Pitchbend More Than A Major 2nd?

    Hi Kent,

    Tom, one of the developers recently posted an answer to this question in another thread: http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...ad.php?t=53015

    To summarize, the next version of the player will have an adjustment that allows you to set the pitch bend range - the current version does not. He does explain how you can do it using Kontact directly.

    Cheers and welcome,

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    Question Re: Pitchbend More Than A Major 2nd?

    Thanks for the quick reply, Kenny.

    Any idea when the update will appear? (Hopefully the sustain pedal incongruities and portamento issues will be resolved, as well ... )

    -- Kent

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    Re: Pitchbend More Than A Major 2nd?

    Thats a good question. I think the guys at Garritan have had the programming done for some time and they are waiting on Native-Instruments to package it properly for them.

    Best of luck,

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