Film Music Weekly reports:

Local 47 of the AFM has issued a warning to its members about the new buyout orchestras being formed by New Era Scoring while remaining silent about the formation of the Professional Musicians Guild, a competing guild of recording musicians. New Era Scoring (NES) is currently organizing musicians to provide recording services in Los Angeles for companies and studios that have chosen to record their music using buyout agreements.

Currently, much of that work is being done in Seattle and Eastern Europe. NES has stated it’s singular goal is to recapture work for Los Angeles musicians currently being lost to Seattle and elsewhere because the AFM does not currently offer a buyout scale for US film, television and video game recording sessions. The warning says that Local 47 AFM members must resign from Local 47 ...

... While the AFM was quick to warn its members about its concerns about NES, the AFM has remained silent in the face of the formation of a directly competing guild by Los Angeles recording musicians that may be seeking to decertify the AFM from representing video game score recordings. The new Professional Musicians Guild (PMG) (http://www.professionalmusiciansguild. org) has actively been recruiting members in Los Angeles and, according to accounts from AFM insiders, may in fact enjoy the support of some Local 47 officials and board members. PMG representatives declined Film Music magazine’s request for comment. mn