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Topic: Strad/Gofriller string quintet

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    Talking Strad/Gofriller string quintet

    Here's a piece of chamber music from 1621, this time using two Strads and three Gofrillers (man, I can't wait for the viola!). I've got a facsimile of the score up on my site, if anyone else enjoys playing this kind of music.

    John Adson - Courtly Masquing Ayres No. 1 (2.25 MB, 02:10)

    Taking to heart rayzalaf's critique from this thread, I've attempted to be a bit freer with the timing, but hopefully not so much that it sounds sloppy.
    -- Jeff Lee
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    Thumbs up Re: Strad/Gofriller string quintet


    I, certainly, do not think that it sounds sloppy!! Sounds Great to me. I hope that GPOA sounds like the Strad, Gofriller...and the viola will. Either they will...or I will be forced to sell plasma to buy these! LOL Anyway, sounds incredible to me! Keep'em coming.

    Prowland the posting Ninja

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    Re: Strad/Gofriller string quintet

    FANTASTIC, Godfrey--If Ray helped you out with a tip about keeping things more "humanized," then you certainly took it to heart, because this sounds organic and alive and simply superb.


    Randy B.

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    Re: Strad/Gofriller string quintet


    I can't take any credit for your great performance here. It's all your own work sir. I close my eyes and I'm in the room.
    My ear is my forte, as I haven't had any formal musical tutoring. I tend to allow myself a lot of leaway on timing and wrong notes whereas you seem to have both spot on in this.

    My Best


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    Re: Strad/Gofriller string quintet

    Randy's description, "organic", is exactly the word I was looking for . This performace is organic, alive, human. Bravo!
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    Re: Strad/Gofriller string quintet


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    Re: Strad/Gofriller string quintet

    I liked it, too. Perhaps I would prefer a little more singing out (expression) on the parts, but that may not fit in with the early music genre. The instruments blend well together. I appreciate the work you did to do this.

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    Re: Strad/Gofriller string quintet

    With a number of my friends being members of a really fine Shape Note singing group, I wouldn't hesitate to offer this work as an opening piece to one of their concerts. It would set pace and time magnificently.

    I'm truly impressed with your command of the Strad and the Gofriller. Your feel for the music of the time is without question.

    I'm keeping the piece on my desktop! Thank you for yet another well done revival of too-seldom-heard music.


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    Re: Strad/Gofriller string quintet

    Well done Jeff!

    This has a wonderful smoothness to it. I have to get the Gofriller after listening to this.


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    Re: Strad/Gofriller string quintet

    Jeff, that was really cool!
    Something you may want to change is the sudden drop in volume of the entire mix at 1:45. It drops a good 3-4 db overall. Also, as the piece approaches the end, the velocities of quite a few of the notes are unrealistically high.

    I really like this though, and I can tell that you have spent a good amount of time with it, and that really shows.
    Thank you for posting this, and I trust these comments have been helpful and not hurtful.

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