I've used S4-GPO since it came out, but have been fairly inactive the past year, not watching the GPO boards. Recently I installed Rock&Pop, decided it didn't have the sounds I wanted, and uninstalled. I clicked Automatic (should have used Custom), and it discourteously wiped out lots of my GPO orchestral sounds along with with the rock-pop stuff. Repair failed, so I had to uninstall all of Sib and GPO and re-install from the CDs. I'll download S4.1.5 from Sibelius. My own creations survived, they are off in a completely different directory, but now there are lots of little adjustments to make in them.

I recall there were periodic updates of GPO-related items such as Studio or the Kontakt Player. What do I need to download/install in order to get my system up to date? I don't see any references on the GPO Sibelius page. -- Thanks for advice.

System: Win2000Pro, Intel 2.8GHz, 2GB RAM