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Topic: Bored? Read my Thesis!

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    Bored? Read my Thesis!

    Haha. Here is, as my graduate committee will see it, my thesis paper and the piece itself. Of course, 60 of the 110 pages are the score, so I had it much easier than other Master's peeps.

    So for the infinately bored:

    The thesis paper:

    PLUS the piece itself (7 movements):
    Jess Hendricks
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    Re: Bored? Read my Thesis!

    Nice job. Good luck with the committee.

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    Re: Bored? Read my Thesis!

    Cool! I am just skimming through it (not much time to really get into it now), and it looks very interesting to see what went into the music's creation that I'm sure I wouldn't hear otherwise. Texts like this can change the way I hear the music... which is just cool! I hope I have time at some point to explore this more...

    I feel like I want to write a thesis about my own music now... (That'd be pretty boring, though, wouldn't it? "And then the melody is repeated again, and again...")
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    Re: Bored? Read my Thesis!

    Jess -

    Not boring at all. I'm posting this note mid-reading and mid-listening, so I may yet have some of my questions answered by your thesis. I just wanted to let you know that some of us will, indeed, read and hear.

    A quick comment: Movement 3 is absolutely unique - a passing nod to Debussy, but uniquely you. That's said as I hit "replay" for the fourth listening.

    Fine work, by the way.

    I can't go to sleep without giving you a few quick impressions. First: Organic; Second: Organic; Third: Organic. That speaks to all of it, from the Thesis to the composition and back. It's remarkable that you were able to provide the cerebral discussion of what is obviously an organic composition without the piece itself becoming cerebral.

    Conspicuously absent from your work is a sense of "constructed." A major drawback in much modern music (in my view!) is that its intentional atonality is so deliberate as to seem contrived. A lot of it feels far more of a rejection of the traditional than an embracing of "new," or a "going from" rather than a "coming to." Not so with the music you've presented here. Reading your thesis along with listening, and listening alone, and re-reading the thesis, I can see the true craftsmanship of the working out of what you heard within yourself as an organic whole, an inspired composition. An analogy to this is the skilled performer who makes the most difficult passages seem effortless. Despite your discussion of techniques, I got absolutely no sense of a composer taking a bunch of devices and finding clever ways of stringing them together.

    The very least I expect to read and hear about you is that you are a composer of note!

    One of the questions I alluded to earlier was whether or not you would discuss the ways in which a sense of motion was created. I don't mean rhythm, I mean, literally, motion. You obviously know enough about jazz to understand that the harmonic tensions create a sense of motion. There are aspects of your writing that do the same thing outside of the framework of the percussion. It happens on an unstated plane, and it definitely happens! I'm not suggesting anything you need to add to your thesis--just passing on an observation.

    I'm keeping your work, and will revisit often as it settles in. It adds immensely to a timeworn theme of mine: the freedom of discipline. Thank you for sharing all of it.



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    Re: Bored? Read my Thesis!

    Absolutely fantastic!

    I loved every moment of this -- thank you for posting. I almost missed it simply because the thread title didn't exactly pull me in - Make sure these go up in the listening room (or did I miss them?)

    Very nice writing for percussion, and a very nice sense of a continual development that kept me at full attention throughout. The fourth movement is absolutely gorgeous, and the groove is fun, fun fun!

    The writing in the thesis is very interesting as well, though I admit I skimmed through pretty quickly. Some of my favorite works quoted in there, including my all-time favorite orchestral work, the Prokofiev 5.

    Your scores are also very well prepared. Excellent work! This is one of those rare works that stands a chance of being remembered in future generations.
    - Jamie Kowalski

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    Re: Bored? Read my Thesis!

    Thanks for checking it out, everyone!

    Hindemith is my big influence for creating motion, although I refer to it as shape, and it is created with harmony for the most part. A great example is Mathis der Maler.

    This work was in the listening room, but that was eons ago. haha.

    I will keep you all posted as to how things turn out.
    Jess Hendricks
    DMA Student and Teaching Asst in Music Theory/ Composition at the University of Miami
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    Re: Bored? Read my Thesis!


    This looks and hears lovely.

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