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Topic: John Entwistle isolated bass

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    John Entwistle isolated bass

    This is an old concert video of the Who performing We Won't Get Fooled Again.

    The bass has been isolated so you can watch and listen to the late John Entwistle playing solo bass. One of rock's great bassists, he also played french horn, trumpet and piano.


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    Re: John Entwistle isolated bass

    I seem to remember that he played a Mellophone rather than French horn - the horn-shaped one, not the bell-front one. Perhaps this is the picking of nits.

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    Re: John Entwistle isolated bass

    From wikipedia:
    "His "full treble, full volume" approach to bass sound was originally supposed to be captured in the bass solo to "My Generation".
    According to Entwistle, his original intention was to feature the distinctive Danelectro bass, which had a very twangy sound, in the solo.
    During the third recording session(the first two excluded the solo), Entwistle had snapped all of the strings. To his dismay, not one store carried Danelectro strings, forcing him to cough up enough money for a second Danelectro. The fourth ended up the same. According to Entwistle, "As it was decided to press on and record 'My Generation' for a fifth time, I had no alternative but to go out and buy a third Danelectro bass."
    Eventually, during the fifth session, he recorded a simpler solo with a Fender Jazz Bass and a pick. "

    The sound was really missed when I saw them a couple of weeks ago. Evidently, Pino Paladino wasn't trying to emulate Entwistle's sound.

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    Thumbs up Re: John Entwistle isolated bass

    Very nice! My favorite JE bass solo:
    now I remember why i used to listen to rock!

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    Cool Re: John Entwistle isolated bass

    The Who were what I was listening to in my "formative years." The Ox was an outstanding bass player (and dig the Alembic Explorer model), and you just can't top the raw energy that the group could generate. Listen to Live at Leeds, awesome stuff. Got Quadrophenia playing right now -- wish that isolated bass playing was the track from "The Real Me."

    Thanks for sharing!


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    Re: John Entwistle isolated bass

    And then there was Victor Wooten


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