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Topic: Contacts for Animations

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    Smile Contacts for Animations


    Could'nt find a place to post this forum from the topics, so please excuse me.

    I want to create some music for animations / films and am looking for some contacts for work. Can anyone help ? Thankyou

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    Re: Contacts for Animations


    If you were an animatuer, looking for musicians you would be in the right place. But you're going the other way around...

    The best places to look are the places, where artists hang out.
    Pixel joint even (most of these are pros, and just love pixel art)
    And wherever else artists hang out...

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    Re: Contacts for Animations

    Thanks for that. I just was'nt sure where to look - hopefully some good starting points.

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    Re: Contacts for Animations

    Well, there are a lot more places than just CGTalk to look for artists (I'm a member of CGTalk so I have nothing against them).

    You may also wish to search around on myspace, and an even better one would be mytoons.


    Those are two very good generic places. I highly recommend you check out mytoons.

    Then you could go to the various software places as they each have forums of their own as well. You may not be familiar with these programs, so here are just a few to get you started. You can google specifics or post here if you want more info.

    It all depends on what your ambitions are. Some of these might be too small for you? Or they may be just right. Depends also on your experience. By small, I mean they might be hobby users. As an example, I offer the Poser site... I notice that they sell "soundtracks" there for people to use in their productions, which may or may not be lucrative or what you want.


    Maya (via Autodesk)
    Lightwave (try spinquad)
    Carrara (via daz3d.com)
    Animation Master (via www.hash.com)
    Vue (I believe it's cornucopia3d.com - forums)
    Maxon (Cinema 4d)
    Poser (e-frontier, via www.contentparadise.com - forums)

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    Re: Contacts for Animations

    Add "Blender" to the list.

    And 3D Studio MAX

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    Re: Contacts for Animations

    Many thanks.

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    Smile Re: Contacts for Animations

    Quote Originally Posted by lion_cub
    I want to create some music for animations / films and am looking for some contacts for work. Can anyone help ? Thankyou
    You might also try www.flay.com and www.spinquad.com
    www.simplylightwave.com and www.simplymaya.com


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