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Topic: OT--?--Linking up our websites!

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    Please ignore-Apparently ill-advised

    Please ignore the idea presented on this thread. I thought it would be mutually beneficial to share links to each other's music sites, but the idea has been too controversial.

    Despite reassuring information from Google and other online sources, it's felt by some Forum members that having recipricol links can be damaging to a site's rating. So I don't want to keep the idea alive for the Forum members to link up together.

    Pardon the apparently ill-advised idea.

    Randy B.
    -----------(for the sake of being complete, original texts left intact)--------

    Over in The Listening Room, an important topic came up on my recent thread with my "H.M.S. Pinafore" sound clips.

    The sub-topic: How to attract more traffic and higher search engine ratings to our individual websites.

    Books are written, many pages are online, much discussion on bulletin boards--all about this constant question for anyone who has at least one page up online. Advice and information is conflicting, so it can be difficult to sort out exactly what one should do to have one's online information discovered.

    Et Lux accurately points out that having mutual link referrals is of major importance. Google and other engines will give higher ratings and are more likely to list sites which have other sites linking to them.

    My thought--It's logical that with so many folks here who have musically oriented websites, we could band together and help each other out by including links to each other's pages on our own sites.

    I'll get the ball rolling--here's what would work well as a link to my front page:

    <A HREF="http://rbowser.tripod.com">Theatre and Music Resources from Randy Bowser</A>

    I think most people prefer simple text links rather than those with images which take more fussing with to set up--?

    I would gladly link to everyone here with a page who would like to participate in this link swap. If for some reason you'd rather not post your link here, feel free to email or PM me with the Forum's handy contact tool.

    What say ye?

    Randy B.
    Last edited by rbowser-; 04-14-2007 at 07:15 PM. Reason: warnings from a Forum member that it's a very bad idea

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    Re: OT--?--Linking up our websites!

    One caution:

    Google "de-rates" mutually reciprocal links -- for example, if site A links to site B
    and site B also links to site A.

    Many others do as well.

    One has to weigh the value between hits received directly from the links and
    the benefit or lack of it from those links in search engines.



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    Re: OT--?--Linking up our websites!

    --??!!--Now I'm totally confused.

    David, I started this thread today by following your suggestions.

    But apparently I completely misunderstood the advice you offered on the "H.M.S. Pinafore" thread at The Listening Room.

    Here's what you said, culled from several posts--I think you can see why I'm now confused. You said:

    "...Randy, all of the major search engines now depend predominantly on "link walking" both to find a site in the first place, and to establish its rank. In practice what this means is, the most important factor, overall, is how many other sites link to yours...

    ...you should consider soliciting links from other sites that are somehow related -- theater groups, performance organizations, educational sites, teacher resource sites... whatever your fertile mind can come up with. Links links links...

    ...incoming links...still ace the game, and should take first attention...."

    But now you're saying "...Google "de-rates" mutually reciprocal links..."

    As I said--Totally confused, David. I suppose I need to remove this thread if it's the totally wrong approach--??


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    Re: OT--?--Linking up our websites!


    Randy, it's an extremely complex subject -- complicated by the
    fact that there are many different s/e's, none of them work the
    same, and all of them are intensely secretive about exactly what
    they look for.

    There are entire consulting firms that do nothing but s/e site
    optimization for the big birds.

    Mere mortals like us without staffs of analysts and specialists
    at hand are up against quite a learning curve if we really want
    to understand this area well.



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    Re: OT--?--Linking up our websites!

    I'm wondering if one can check the following out and tell me what they find:

    Try googling the word "Nikolas". Nothing else. Not case sensetive.

    Half in the countries of the world I'm in the first page (my site). I've not idea how this's happened ,but I'm really glad.

    "nikolas music", and "nikolas sideris", brings me first of course...

    music/mp3/etc brings me at page x^n (go figure... never even tried).

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    Re: OT--?--Linking up our websites!

    Hello again, David--Thanks for the reply.

    As one "mere mortal," that be me, to another who has more experience with optimizing websites, that be you, the question at hand is if I should just remove this thread?

    If having mutual links amongst our sites is going to be detrimental, as per you saying that "...Google "de-rates" mutually reciprocal links ...," then my idea on this thread is a horrible one. Right?

    Am I being thick here? I don't understand why a Big point was made in your other posts about the importance of having links--"...the most important factor, overall, is how many other sites link to yours..." but you're now saying that it's a practice that will "de-rate" a site--???

    Perplexed in Oregon--Randy B.

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    Re: OT--?--Linking up our websites!

    Oh, heck, no, I wouldn't delete the thread, Randy.

    Let people discuss this if they wish to!

    We have a lotta, lotta bright people in here: some of them
    may know more about this, and have valuable thoughts to



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    Re: OT--?--Linking up our websites!

    Hi, Nikolas--I did as you asked, and Googled just "Nikolas"--You didn't come up on the first page I got, but you were right there on the second page. That made you about the 10th listing. Pretty good, I'd say!

    David, my thought about deleting this is because I certainly wouldn't want to suggest something which will make anyone's website, including mine, go Down in ranking.

    --No comment from you on which it is, links=good or links=bad. Maybe I'm still misunderstanding you, but it seems like you've said both things.--?--

    Still confused--But certainly am scrapping the idea, for now at least, of seeking out more links.

    --(goes away scratching head in quandry)

    Randy B.

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    Re: OT--?--Linking up our websites!

    Just by using reciprocal links within the websites I own and manage I've got my name coming up on Google within the top 5 returns and usually No 1. I've done the same with other sites too. I don't think it will hurt to link to each other.

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    Re: OT--?--Linking up our websites!

    I think that it has to do with the name as well.

    I can imagine that Nikolas, as spelled is pretty rare, so I'm coming up quite close to the top, by my first name alone... On the other hand Tony Monaghan seems to be less unique probably. I got your site 4th, after some tonymohangan guy about gardens

    My webdesigner was pretty cool, and I do have links all over the place... Dunno but it must help...

    Actually "David" does not bring a result for the first 5-6 pages that I checked. David sosnowski brings you first david, as it should, but sosnowski alone, brings you 5th... It's the name I tell thee. (trying sideris, will bring me 3rd )

    Hits, must also have something to do with it all...

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