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Topic: Gofriller & Strad Test Piece

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    Gofriller & Strad Test Piece

    Hi All -

    I just received the Strad and Gofriller and WOW are they amazing. While this may not be the best implementation of them yet, it's the first thing that popped into my mind. It's a bit melancholy, probably because I just finished watching the Prestige (very good movie btw). Anyway, here's my first attempt with the new instruments. I will most likely build on this piece and flesh it out some more.


    Comments are always welcome.

    - Michael
    - Michael Fortunato

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    Re: Gofriller & Strad Test Piece


    Thanks for posting your first Strad/Godfriller piece.
    I notice a relatively constant vibrato on your instruments.
    When I got my Strad I immediately started playing left hand on modulation wheel and found myself using too much. I have since then followed the real time performance by going in to the DAW and removed that original vibrato and redoing it using less. I do the same on aftertouch and expression.
    I'm sure you will present many lovely compositions with these sample libraries.

    My Best



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    Re: Gofriller & Strad Test Piece

    awesome sounding piece. the piano background worked amazingly well and did not stand out too much, but it was enough to let you know it was there. well done. i would have to agree with ray aout the vibrato though. it is extremely constant. i would probably erase the mod wheel data and record over it again. i would probably try and stay off of it a little on the shorter notes and put more of it as the sustained note extends, then drop it off right before changing. the other thing i would do is use the channel pressure cc. it might be called aftertouch in your daw, i'm not sure. but that speeds up the vibrato, different than modulation which basically increases intensity. i would try and make hill like patterns in the middle of long sustained notes with the aftertouch (don't use it too much). its just things like that that give it a real sound, and will totally fool you into forgetting that its a computer playing your stuff.

    this is how my data looks on http://homepage.mac.com/keithjfuller/.Music/FGSI.mp3 (i noticed your comment about the robotic sounding strings and i went back and changed them up a little - more reverb, better mod wheel data, humanized, etc. I really did appreciate you bringing that to my attention):


    i really think you should go back and edit this, and it would really sound awesome. great first shot at them though, and it will only get better.
    -Keith Fuller

    iMac Quad i7 * MacBook Pro * Logic Studio 9 * WD 320GB & 1TB Externals@7,200RPM * Presonus Firebox * M-Audio Axiom 25 & Keystation 61 * Rode NT1-A * Epiphone Hollowbody * Fender Amp * KRK Rokit 8's

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    Re: Gofriller & Strad Test Piece

    Very well done excerpt, Michael. Impactful writing;
    and the rendering and balance is quite, quite good.
    I hope you'll take this further!

    Ray's comment on less, and less emphatic, use of
    vibrato is well taken, I think; though that does go
    a great deal to personal tastes.

    My best,


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    Re: Gofriller & Strad Test Piece

    Hi Michael,

    This sounds like it could have been part of the score for the Prestige. I think it would have fit right in. This is a nice composition the cello and violin parts blended together very nicely.

    Lots of emothion in this music.

    Well done and thanks for sharing!


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    Re: Gofriller & Strad Test Piece

    Hello, Michael--Congratulations on your new instruments, and your first recording with them. I think it's a great idea to expand on this, because what you already have is solid and effective.

    "The Prestige"--fantastic movie, just saw it recently. I understand how the film's mood carried you into this composition!

    What Ray, Keith, and David commented on re: vibrato I agree with. It sounds like it was on non-stop, whereas its effectiveness comes into play when the vibrato is in contrast to non-vibrato.

    Good going!

    Randy B.

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    Re: Gofriller & Strad Test Piece

    How lovely! Congratulations on your new instruments. I'm sure you'll have countless more hours enjoying these two instruments. I've just ordered my Strad yesterday after Gary graciously gave me a prize for being the 145,000th poster on this forum. I can hardly wait.
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

    Pour être grand, il faut avoir été petit.

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    Re: Gofriller & Strad Test Piece

    Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments and encouragement.

    Ray, Keith and Randy - thank you for bringing up the vibrato issue. I am experimenting with the vibrato now (I've deleted the mod wheel data and I'm rerecording it) as well as building on the piece and will post it again later this week.

    Thank you again.

    - Michael
    - Michael Fortunato

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