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Topic: NOTE: Re-mix on "VOCAL demo from "Dorian" thread

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    NOTE: Re-mix on "VOCAL demo from "Dorian" thread

    I updated my "Vocal demo from Dorian" thread, posting a re-mix that Mark Petruzzi and I have done in response to the helpful feedback members posted. I tried to up-date the subject line of that post but it doesn't seem to have changed.

    Begging your indulgence, I would appreciate it if the people who heard the first version would test the new mix for us. First time listeners certainly welcome also!

    The new mix's link is posted on that original thread, and it's also here:


    Thank you!
    Randy B.

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    Re: NOTE: Re-mix on "VOCAL demo from "Dorian" thread

    Ran this up on my JBL's, Randy, and it sounds fantastic!

    My wife (a teacher), is home on spring vacation this week,
    and soon as she heard it, she kept going, "What's that!
    What's that!" Catherine follows the musical stage, was
    trained to it years ago at Boston Conservatory -- and
    she loves it!

    Trust me on this one, Randy: that's one heck of an

    My best,


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    Re: NOTE: Re-mix on "VOCAL demo from "Dorian" thread

    Randy! This is fantastic!! Both my wife and I have the "theater bug". We've been involved with numerous theater stuff throughout the years. We love theater and truly appreciate well written theater music. There's a lot of "just o.k." and "less than o.k." musicals out there. This is not the case. As someone pointed out in another post, it is refreshing to hear something much more "symphonic". From a compositional and orchestral point of view, this music is "top-notch"! The music seems to flow nicely with the lyrics and dialogue; the orchestral accompaniment seems to help move the story line along in a very complimentary way.

    And the rendering, recording and mix?? Well done! It's a nice blend of software and hardware sounds, which, in turn, blends well with the live voices.

    Do you have someone interested in producing this work? Are there plans for a live performance?? Is it commissioned work?? Is it already being performed live?? I sincerely wish you much success in the production of this musical.


    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: NOTE: Re-mix on "VOCAL demo from "Dorian" thread

    Ted! After the years of solitary work on this project, it can be almost overwhelming to emerge out of the darkened studio, blinking my eyes as I try to take in bright, enthusiastic responses like yours.

    Gratefully, humbly bowing to receive your applause.

    --side note: I wish we could edit the subject lines of our posts. When I updated the original thread for this vocal demo, replacing the first vocal mix with the second one, I tried to change the thread title to indicate that a new music file had been added, but that subject line edit didn't stick. So it's a bit confusing now, having Two threads about this one topic. Here's the link to the original thread:


    Returning to your reply, Ted, I am so glad you and your wife appreciate this demo, and that you feel it's of a higher calibre than some other already-successful shows. Very encouraging!

    And you asked:

    "...Do you have someone interested in producing this work? Are there plans for a live performance?? Is it commissioned work?? Is it already being performed live??..."

    Answering in reverse order; the show hasn't been performed live yet, and it isn't a commissioned work. There was an earlier version of it which I did a "work shop" version of years ago in Los Angeles. Response was good at the time, but basically I put the work away in a drawer and then returned to it years later, doing a massive re-write based on notes I made during the work-shop. A great deal of the music in the new version is new, it's all been more thoroughly orchestrated, and the book was completely re-done also.

    My goal is certainly to have it done on stage. I toyed with the idea of producing a "theatre for the mind" audio-only version of it, but that's proven to be impractical without funding. And it was originally intended for the stage, so I have returned to focusing on that concept.

    Currently I don't have potential producers. I'm afraid that like many writers/composers, I haven't been very apt at drumming up interest. I'd benefit from soliciting help in that area.

    I would be happy to have an initial production done on a small scale, even at a high calibre community theatre. There's a good amateur group here in town which I've been active with, but they've never put on an original musical and so far I haven't been able to convince them to break through that precedent.

    So meanwhile, I have the show's music recorded with GPO in the starring role as orchestra, and those tracks could be the "virtual orchestra" for a smallish production. They can also be backing tracks for more demos.

    Hopefully "Dorian" will have a chance at some point of attracting its potential audience.

    Thanks again, Ted--Your comments have made my day.

    Randy B.
    (rbowser) - winner of Garritan Challenge #11

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    Re: NOTE: Re-mix on "VOCAL demo from "Dorian" thread

    Randy -

    I can only imagine that it's tough finding financial backing for producing new and unknown musicials. It does seem like the same ones get performed over and over and over again.

    My wife and I live near the Bershires. This area of the country is an "artsy-fartsy" kind of place. Lots of "money" from NYC and Boston travel to this area from the NYC and Boston areas. In this area you'll find the Tanglewood (summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra), The Clark Museum, The Normal Rockwell Museum, William's College and countless summer stock and community theaters! Lots and lots of summer stock and community theaters!! LOL! Thankfully, most produce well performed musical and non-musical theater. There is one company, though, that stands out in my mind. It's the Barrington Stage Company which, like many of the summer-stock theaters, produces the "same old, same old". Through their Stage II, they also produce new works and "works in the make" as well. Last year I had the pleasure of watching an abolutely fantastic musical called "The Burnt Part Boys". It was a musical towards the end of its "workshop". It was a simple production with bare-bones accompaniment. But the music and performing was exceptional. There's talk that the "Burnt Part Boys" might be produced "Off-Broadway". I hope it is. It was absolutely exciting watching this new musical performed!

    I felt the same excitement when I heard your vocal demo to "Dorion". It touched that "Boy, this sounds good!" part of my musical soul. I think that your idea of finding a quality community theater to produce your musical is an excellent one! I hope that there is a "Barrington Stage Company" like theater near you!

    Warm wishes to you and your partners as you work to get this project seen by the public!

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: NOTE: Re-mix on "VOCAL demo from "Dorian" thread

    And thanks for this reply, Ted!

    Portland, Oregon is the closest metropolitan center which has a very thriving theatre community. Arranging to meet people up there is in the realm of possibility for me, and I know a very good production could be done by quite a few different groups there.

    In the meantime, just today, I received some encouragement from the head of our local theatre's play selection committee. He really wants to have "Dorian" done here in town. If I can manage to get his committee and the theatre's board of directors to "think out of the box"--and get them to stop focusing on the fear of not selling enough tickets, there's at least some possibility this could be the first venue. It's a long shot though--a 50 year history of never doing anything but "Oklahoma" and "Man of La Mancha"--that's a tough nut to crack.

    Thanks again! Your reaction to the work is inspiring.

    Randy B.

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    Re: NOTE: Re-mix on "VOCAL demo from "Dorian" thread

    weirdest thing happened. i clicked on Locis' link today (which was also a box.net) and it worked. i'm glad i didn't look where the link was beforehand, because then i wouldn't have even tried. awesome job man. it has that musical feel. there are very abrupt changes in instrumentations (a very good thing) that all work together seemlessly, which i think is the hallmark feauture of this type of music. it makes it feel like the instruments are conversing as well as the actors .

    is it completely done, or only a few songs? if so, that would be awesome to get it performed. well good luck with it all, and i'm glad that box.net finally decided to stop being a jerk and start working on my computer. take it easy.
    -Keith Fuller

    iMac Quad i7 * MacBook Pro * Logic Studio 9 * WD 320GB & 1TB Externals@7,200RPM * Presonus Firebox * M-Audio Axiom 25 & Keystation 61 * Rode NT1-A * Epiphone Hollowbody * Fender Amp * KRK Rokit 8's

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    Re: NOTE: Re-mix on "VOCAL demo from "Dorian" thread

    I'm glad Keith brought this back to the top of the page Randy,
    I might have missed commenting otherwise and we couldn't have that.
    I can't believe this won't get performed soon. I'd certainly be considering creating a CD asap of all the numbers from the production. I believe there are quite a number of theatre musicals actually released on CD before being performed on stage. It's the never ending story in life of being in the right place at the right time addressing the right people.
    I wish you every success.


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    Re: NOTE: Re-mix on "VOCAL demo from "Dorian" thread


    I'm glad the Box site is finally working for you! As you know, I was trying to help figure out that mystery of their links not working on your Mac. When I reported the problem, the support guy there was friendly but had never heard of such a problem. So, WHo knows why it's suddenly working for you? I'm just glad that it is.

    Now that you've finally been able to get a taste of my musical, I'm glad you like it! I really enjoyed this from you:

    "...makes it feel like the instruments are conversing as well as the actors..."

    What a wonderful description. Should be in a musical theatre text book!

    And you asked:

    "...is it completely done, or only a few songs?..."

    I completed it awhile back. The arrangements have gone through several incarnations. After doing a demo of the entire show (2+ hours of music) with hardware synths, I completely re-recorded the whole thing when I bought GPO. That re-do process took me a full year. Even though there's a fair share of non-orchestral instruments/sounds in the score, the backbone of it is a traditional orchestra, so the music was just crying out for GPO as opposed to the less-then-authentic synth module sounds I used previously.

    Hi, Ray--thank you also for stopping by! I confused things for myself. This current thread was originally intended to just be alerting people, via the subject line, that I'd updated the mix on the original thread. So I've had two threads going on the same music post. My bad. OH well!

    I appreciate your faith in the work. You said:

    "...I'd certainly be considering creating a CD asap of all the numbers from the production..."

    Oh man--You have no idea how long and hard I've tried to make that very thing happen. Almost two years now, starting with the original synth version of the score. I tried local singers--but it was too much work for no pay, that was the bottom line there. Since Christmas I've been trying to recruit singers from online who'd like to showcase in a demo, but that hasn't worked out very well. Not very many qualified applicants--as in, people with the requisite equipment and sufficient vocal talent.

    It's interesting also to see that while online collaboration is good in theory, people can have a tendency to procrastinate after supposedly commiting, and can be too quick to jump in when they actually haven't thought long enough about the work involved.

    That's why I was so thrilled to finally have at least this one song done by Mark Petruzzi. There's another song I hope he'll be doing for me.

    I suppose it's possible that the CD could get completed this way, but at this rate it could easily take me another 2 years. That's why I've shifted my energies from trying to produce a full CD to just demoing some of the songs, and working towards getting the show on stage where it belongs.

    Thanks again guys.

    Randy B.

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    Re: NOTE: Re-mix on "VOCAL demo from "Dorian" thread

    I admire your perseverance, Randy. But so much energy will be also recompensed once. I like your music. It is suited very well for the theater. The singer has very good qualities. This is one excellent work. I wish you a lot of success by the realization of your dreams.


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