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Topic: Another question for Eric!

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    Another question for Eric!


    I just bought native Instruments KORE and cannot get it to work with Atmosphere. Have you heard of anyone getting KORE to work with Atmosphere? (i.e. controlling filter cutoff with the KORE knobs) I know Stylus has the MIDI learn function which seems a step in the right direction, will the new version of Atmosphere (how presumptious of me...) have MIDI learn as well?

    Eric, it has been an eternity since you released a VST. I know this because i moved to Michigan almost 3 years ago (talk about an eternity!) and Stylus RMX was coming out in the early Fall. You must have come up with something new by now... a hint... a morsel...

    I did buy Liquid Grooves and it has been the best $100 I have spent. being a drummer I was not into loop stuff but I am really getting into Stylus now. Somehow it doesn't feel like cheating to me.

    Any help with the KORE issue would be greatly appreciated.

    All the very best,

    "Every time you play a wrong note God kills a kitten."

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    Re: Another question for Eric!

    It'll work, but you have to use MIDI CC's, not the automation data that KORE puts out.

    Do some searching on NI's site.

    Lot's of very cool stuff in the works....you'll see! ;-)


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