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Topic: Virginia Tech...

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    Unhappy Virginia Tech...

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    That is scary stuff...

    I don't know anybody directly at VT, but I know people who do. I'll keep them in my thoughts and prayers.
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    Re: Virginia Tech...

    The answer is "one". $10 to the first person that can guess the question.
    "They get what they vote for." PaulR

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    Re: Virginia Tech...

    Nice, Ern! You got it! PM address and they're yours. Dan
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    "They get what they vote for." PaulR

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    Re: Virginia Tech...

    I was gonna answer that correctly. I saw it about 5 minutes after he posted the question too, but not knowing it was the right answer, I envisioned:

    ME: How many guns it would've taken to kill the SOB before he got so many?

    Danimal: Actually, the amount of people it would've taken to show this guy some care and understanding and prevent it from happening at all.

    ME: Ohh. NRA Rocks!!

    Which doesn't seem like a very Danimal thing to say, but I'm imaginative.

    Ahh well. I'm out 10 bucks but I still have my shiny Respect for Off Topic Badge.
    Michael Peter

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