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Topic: Rendering Midi to Wav Issue

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    Rendering Midi to Wav Issue

    Hi Everyone,

    I guess I'm the latest newbie on the site, and unfortunately, like most newbies, at this point in time I can only contribute questions and not answers.

    Last week I purchased Gigastudio 3 Solo since I felt that it was time to upgrade from Soundfonts. My basic system is an adequate PC (2 hard drives, 512 RAM) on which I'm running Cubase SX (early version). My "soundcard" is a Tascam US224.

    I've got GS3 registered and loaded without a hitch (as far as I can tell) and am using it as a slave to Cubase. Here is my issue: I have no trouble recording midi tracks in Cubase with gigastudio samples, playback sounds fantastic. However, when I attempt to render the midi files to wav files (export audio) in Cubase they work but any and all sustained notes begin but are then abrubtly cut short (example: cymbals, trumpet etc.). I have searched through the manual and many posts on this forum but have not found a solution.

    Incidentally, in the past when I use soundfonts or VST instruments using various samples, I have no problems rendering from midi to wav. The resulting audio file sounds just like the midi.

    My gut tells me that I'm probably missing something simple but I just don't see the solution. As it stands, the system is tormenting me since the samples included with GS3 sound soooo much better than soundfonts, but I can't really apply them! Anyone out there kind enough to offer advice?

    Thanks in advance. The forum has a friendly and helpful vibe and hopefully (with experience) I'll be able to reciprocate with advice in the future.



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    Re: Rendering Midi to Wav Issue

    Hi Singlekoil,

    Quote Originally Posted by Singlekoil
    However, when I attempt to render the midi files to wav files (export audio) in Cubase they work but any and all sustained notes begin but are then abrubtly cut short (example: cymbals decaying, held trumpet notes, etc.). I'm perplexed. Furthermore, when I use GS3 in standalone mode and "capture" music to wav files they are all fine. Notes hold and sustain as they should. Playback of the wav file is identical to what I played during capture.
    Hrmmm... sounds weird, for sure...

    There is a possibly-relevant option in Cubase SX3 (may or may not be exactly the same if your version is earlier) when exporting to audio . . .

    . . . specifically there is a little check-box that says "Real-Time Export" that appears in the little window that pops up in which you select the folder and filename for your soon-to-be-mixed-down .wav file.

    Pre-Giga, I always left that box un-checked. It took just a few seconds to export a file lasting several minutes.

    With Giga, however, things sounded horrible when I tried to export to audio.

    I realized that Cubase couldn't know what it had to render into audio unless each sample played through to its conclusion... So now, I keep that box checked at all times, and Cubase renders each song into audio in "real time," which means that it takes 3:15 to export a 3:15 song to a .wav file, it takes 15:32 to export a 15:32 song to a .wav file, etc.

    It would be great if that's all you need to do to get back on track!!

    — alanb




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    Re: Rendering Midi to Wav Issue


    Maybe I am missing something. I am using Sonar with GS3 and I do not "export" any midi to .wav, but capture with GS3. The result of capturing is a .wav file, and it is very simple to do, at least with Sonar.
    Please let me know why you are trying to "export".

    Ted Vanya

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    Re: Rendering Midi to Wav Issue

    In your post you said you are using Giga as a slave to Cubase. Are you working in rewire mode?


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