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Topic: "Le Roi Clément" opus 10 (The lenient King)

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    Smile "Le Roi Clément" opus 10 (The lenient King)


    This is my last score, dedicated to my second godsun, Clément :

    Le Roi Clément, histoire pour orchestre opus 10
    The lenient King, story for orchestra opus 10 (traduction can be Clément, the King) :

    I. Marche (March)
    II. Jeux de Cour (Plays of court)
    III. Berceuse (Lullaby)
    IV. Sagesse (Wisdom)
    V. Danses (Dances)
    VI. Couronnement (Crowning)

    I hope you will like it.



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    Re: "Le Roi Clément" opus 10 (The lenient King)

    Very nice work, you have some fantastic catchy melodies here, and I like the idea of the story. At any one time, you tend to have a minimal amount of instruments playing. This is perfectly fine, but because it this makes it much easier to hear the individual instruments, might I suggest adding more expression to these instruments with variations in their mod wheel data. It might breathe a new life into your movements.

    I really liked the harmony in the fourth movement, but many of the movements seemed to have pizzicato plucking a majority of the harmony. This certainly gives the piece as a whole a very definite atmosphere to it, but it might be interesting to hear a bit more orchestrational variety... it sometimes felt there should be a bit more to it, particularly in terms of a bass line.

    Every elegant work! I really enjoyed it! I really like your sense of melody.
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: "Le Roi Clément" opus 10 (The lenient King)

    so far i've only listened to the first 3 pieces (because of a lack of time) and i look forward to the next 3 tomorrow. they have a very peaceful flow to them. the way you recorded them makes it sound as if it was being performed in a larger hall but isn't muffled, which i liked very much. but i do think you should add a litle more expression to the instruments at times like sean said - but this is a minor issue (and based on preference also). i would also suggest using a solo violin at times as opposed to a section. not always, just sometimes. one instance is during the first 1/3 of the first movement where it goes to pizzicato and arco simultaneously. i think it would sound more natural to have a solo violin going along with the pizzicato strings - but once again this is just preference. all in all i thought it had a peaceful relaxed tone to it and really feels like a whole piece as opposed to just several songs. i will listen to the rest tomorrow and be sure to comment. good job so far.
    -Keith Fuller

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    Thumbs up Re: "Le Roi Clément" opus 10 (The lenient King)


    Thanks for listening my music.
    Sure I will take your advice in my next score.




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    Re: "Le Roi Clément" opus 10 (The lenient King)

    François, I have listened to the entirety of Le Roi Clément,
    histoire pour orchestre opus 10
    with much pleasure.

    A very charming suite! And well rendered, conducted,
    and presented, as well.

    With the extremely simple, straightforward writing, it
    occurs to me that, with some adaptation and reduction
    of repeated material, and some minor concessions to
    range and technique, this might make a quite attractive
    piece for many youth orchestras.

    My best,


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