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Topic: How to do this in Kontakt?

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    How to do this in Kontakt?

    When I posted my zither piano the other day (simple strums on the strings of a piano) someone mentioned in the thread that they'd played a piece in which they had to strum the strings whilst also holding down various keys, so that a chord was left sounding after the initial strumming noise.

    I thought I'd go back and try to do this. But since I can't have a seperate sample for every possible chord I want to do it using single notes. I thought if I sampled strums with each note being held, then chooped the sustain part out of these samples, I could have an instrument where playing a chord always triggers the same 'strum' sample, as well as the sustain samples for whichever notes are held down.

    The problem is I'm trying desperately to think of a way to do this just with the GUI features of Kontakt (group start options, etc) rather than learning script editing. I already thought of having the strum in one group which is always 'on' whilst the sustains are in individual groups triggered by the relevant key. The problem is that each key would trigger the strum section - so for a three note chord I would get three strums and sustains, rather than a single strum with three sustains. Does anyone know whether it's possible to make a group monophonic whilst having the overall instrument polyphonic? Or can anyone think of another way to do it?

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    Re: How to do this in Kontakt?

    Maybe a "Voice Group" for the strum group alone, with "Voices: 1" and "Mode: kill newest"?

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    Re: How to do this in Kontakt?

    Quote Originally Posted by Nickie Fønshauge
    Maybe a "Voice Group" for the strum group alone, with "Voices: 1" and "Mode: kill newest"?
    Thanks Nickie, I'll give that a try.

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