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Topic: "The Shadow Of Your Smile" For Gpo Orchestra

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    Smile "The Shadow Of Your Smile" For Gpo Orchestra

    Hi my fellow friends,

    Yesterday I wrote for a friend a arrangement of a very well known song from composer/arranger Johnny Mandel called "The shadow of your smile" from the movie the "Sandpiper" from 1965 starring Elisabeth Taylor & Richard Burton.
    One of johnny's great songs. Maybe his outstanding lifetime hit.
    I use the complete GPO orchestra. It is not mixed as perfect because there so much lines in it which are difficult to handle for a quick mix here.
    Hope you like it.
    Please listen : The shadow of your smile

    Comments very welcome


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    Re: "The Shadow Of Your Smile" For Gpo Orchestra

    Very nice job on this Johnny Mandel classic, Jaques!
    I might suggest perhaps much less reverb, though,
    as it obscures the fine work you have done with
    the arranging.

    My best,


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    Re: "The Shadow Of Your Smile" For Gpo Orchestra

    the arrangement is absolutely lovely, and the orchestra very well conducted. I have one remark, though... The lead voice (melody) is so buried in reverb that I have a difficult time even identifying what instrument is playing. The orchestra too might be less reverberated, and towards the end I hear notes holding that don't belong to harmonies, maybe some cc64 left open? I know the reverb issue is very subjective, but at least the melody should stay out clear... my personal opinion, of course. A really good arrangement


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    Re: "The Shadow Of Your Smile" For Gpo Orchestra

    I 'echo' the previous remarks about the reverb which blurs your writing. Nice voicings and very rich orchestration - appropriate in Johnny Mandel's case perhaps? He is one of my all time favourite song writers and this song, while played to death on club dates and other circumstances is a classic. Nice work.

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    Re: "The Shadow Of Your Smile" For Gpo Orchestra


    your arrangement and your sound remind me of Mantovani, you have made a great job! I like thouse sounding!

    Perhaps, experiment with another reverb, with a shorter predelay or less early-reflectionvolume.... .

    Best regards
    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

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    Re: "The Shadow Of Your Smile" For Gpo Orchestra

    Jacques, your arrangement is simply gorgeous. The love you have for the material shines through like a diamond, and that makes it all the more captivating.

    The other fellows have given you excellent advice on the use of reverb. If you put this away for a day or two and come back to it, trying to listen as objectively as possible, I think you'll be able to hear that this is sounding the way it would to a listener in the Lobby of a venue, or perhaps even out on the street. It's far too distant and the frequencies roll around together unattractively.

    You need to trust the lushness of your arrangement. Reverb tends to be used too heavily with an attempt to add more lushness--Your beautiful arrangement doesn't need the help. Just set it in a reasonably sized space and let us be more intimate with what you've arranged.

    Two other technical notes:

    --It would be helpful to roll off the bass frequencies in some of the instruments. There's a pile up of too much in the lower end, made more prominent by the excessive reverb--So you would have to check, after pulling back the reverb (and choosing a smaller room sound) to see if this note still applies.

    --I think the lead instrument in the opening was vibraphone? But it was the only instrument which didn't sit in the mix. It was closer, with less reverb, and also sounded extremely quantized, whereas the rest was more organic.

    I feel I can't be alone in wanting to hear this with a cleaner recording, so we can admire your arranging expertise even more!

    Randy B.

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    Thumbs up Re: "The Shadow Of Your Smile" For Gpo Orchestra

    Hello my friends,

    Thank you guys for your kind comments here. I will today... later on posting here a new link/mix with a new rerverbmix of my arrangement. Yes I know... there was a very large reverb used..for more room and space to create more space and orchetral largeness in the stereo room... but sometimes I have the tendency to be on the " a lot side". with my reverb configurations.. sorry about! ...

    I will do a new mix with much more less reverb. There is also a harmonical problem with the rhytm. guit, because of latency problems...the Gpo playing harmonical/groovestyle wise.. layed back for the reverb reason.. and the rhym sec. comes from ordinary on board chip sounds which playing "exactly" on beat. I will change it and I will show the audience here a much more better mix...

    Randy you're right...with you tech. considerations... thank you a lot. The instrument in the intro are the windows e - piano. I will change the hole sounds of the rhymt sec. I will giving the melody to the guit and maybe harmonica...bass will be also change...and I will add a drum pattern for more bossa nova feeling..

    Thank you again for your kind opinions and tipps here..


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    Re: "The Shadow Of Your Smile" For Gpo Orchestra

    Hello again, Jacques

    I'm glad that our ideas inspired you to do something different on the mix of your very good arrangement.

    The desire you expressed to have reverb simulate the performance situation of a large orchestra is exactly the right theory of using reverb to add reality to our recordings. You just need to keep in mind that the more you add, the farther away the orchestra is sounding from the listener. That's why I said I felt like I was listening to your music from the lobby or even outside on the street.

    Also, I think you understand that you need to add different amounts of reverb to different sections of the orchestra?--to simulate the varying distances the instruments are from the audience.

    I'm glad to hear that you'll try different instruments on some of the sections. The Electric Piano which you said is a Windows instrument, from your sound card I think you mean?--isn't up to the par of the GPO instruments you are otherwise using.

    I look forward to your new mix!

    Randy B.

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    Re: "The Shadow Of Your Smile" For Gpo Orchestra


    Very nice arrangement. I would agree with what's been said by others about the reverb.

    I liked your chord choices very much and the flutes sounded nice but masked by the reverb.

    Thanks for posting and letting us listen.

    David Mauney

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