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Topic: Ultimate Piano Collection - Akai

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    Ultimate Piano Collection - Akai

    Dear all

    I was wondering if anyone has tried converting the akai samples in this library into other formats with any succsess? I'm wondering about picking up a copy and converting it to soundfont which integrates better with my computer, or to kontakt for playback. Obviously it is a tiny library compared to what is out there now (and I can't wait for Garritan Steinway), and I wondered if anyone has any thoughts?


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    Re: Ultimate Piano Collection - Akai

    I think I imported this into Kontakt, way back when I got Kontakt for the first time. Wasn't this the library where the piano's range was split up, with just a couple of octaves in each partition. I've a feeling I imported each program into Kontakt, then copied and pasted the range from each separate program into a combined program, which I then saved in Kontakt format. There didn't seem to be any diffculty - the samples converted just fine. I haven't tried using it in any music, though, so I couldn't comment on how playable it was.

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    Re: Ultimate Piano Collection - Akai

    Tried importing into giga once and it wasn't that great. Problem is that there's allot of variable rate sampling in there that gets pretty funky when converted.


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