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Topic: Tempo track oddities in Nuendo

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    Tempo track oddities in Nuendo

    So Nuendo is driving me insane. I imported a midi file from Finale, and have later added tracks to my project for additional articulations. These tracks of course all follow the current tempo track.

    HOWEVER when I try to change the tempo track at all, only the tracks from the original midi file change tempos, but any new tracks that I've added stay the same and are not adjusted. So I can't change any tempos. I've scoured Nuendo's options but I can't find anything helpful.

    Anybody know what to do?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Tempo track oddities in Nuendo

    i have similar problem with the tempo of tracks in nuendo. the thing is they all have to be matched and set at single tempo also it helps to keep tempo fixed in the transport bar.

    i big glitch i don't like about nuendo is that when you have separate sections of midi in one track the midi playback is glitch and slows down between the switch from one midi section to the next. the only remedy for this is at the start i keep a gap of 1 beat cycle and have one whole midi section per track with fixed tempo with tempo track at 140bpm so are the others and i adjust the overall tempo from transport.

    tell me about your experiences with midi and vst and notations in nuendo.

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