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Topic: yamaha velocity problem?

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    yamaha velocity problem?


    i am using an old yamaha clavinova clp360
    For some reason the velocity output is to low.
    i cant get above 110,(in Logic, kontakt..) and thats is me banging reeeally hard on the keys.
    is there a way to chance this. i need full velocity.. 1-127
    can this be solved in software.


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    Re: yamaha velocity problem?

    Hi Bart,

    in Logic you can certainly adjust the basic velocity in the Midi Thru box (top left in arrange page) before or after you record your midi. You can set up the overall dynamics of recorded midi here too. And of course you can edit the velocities in various ways in the data windows (Event List for example).
    You may want to check out the Yamaha manual too - most digital pianos give you the option to change the 'touch' of the keyboard depending on your playing style. I guess yours is set up for a strong pianist!

    Hope that helps a bit..



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    Re: yamaha velocity problem?

    barrie thanks,
    i will look into logic.
    i did look into the manual,but there are only 3 settings.. and tried them all. didnt help.
    I think Logic will do the trick.


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    Re: yamaha velocity problem?

    Maybe you should go to the gym and work out a bit Bart!


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    Re: yamaha velocity problem?

    This issue is not too uncommon, particularly for older Yamaha gear. I've heard about it around here and there. Myself I used a Yamaha DX7 (v1) as midi keys until recently. The DX7 cannot transmit velocity values over 100.

    One might suspect that MIDI was in its infancy back on those days (I believe the DX7 came 1984) and that the MIDI protocol parameters were not as uniformly standardized as they are today.
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    Re: yamaha velocity problem?

    If you were using Sonar you would:
    1) Find tha max velocity that is being transmitted
    2) Crank up the "trim" on the midi chanel by the remaining difference to 127 and it would compensate.

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    Re: yamaha velocity problem?

    I have a Clavinova CLP240 and indeed it doesn't transmit full velocity even if you sledgehammer it.

    I solved the problem by using Velocity Curve Changer by trombettworks (just Google it) together with Midi Yoke.

    If using Kontakt, you can draw the velocity curve in the script editor to alter your keyboard's response.

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    Re: yamaha velocity problem?

    up ! Any solution for mac users please ?

    I just bought a Clavinova CLP 370 and same problem. Velocity is too low with logic.

    thank you

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