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Topic: Stylus parts disappearing act

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    Stylus parts disappearing act

    Hi all,
    Stylus RMX, what a good plugin, I have been playing with it for quite a while but this week I got down to some serious work using it. Set up eight midi tracks and started to populate them one by one. Got six channels set up how I wanted then ran the sequencer so far so good. Closed stylus and ran the sequencer, great. Opened Stylus and parts three and up have disappeared. Populated the parts again (bit of a chore) ran stylus all's well, closed stylus. Ran sonar open Stylus parts three and up all gone. This is driving me nuts as you get a really good set going and a few minutes later they are all gone. I've had to bounce them to audio before they dissapear which ain't right. Still love it though.


    Sonar 6

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    Re: Stylus parts disappearing act

    Email your official Stylus RMX serial number located in your printed booklet to tech support and they can help you directly. :-)


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