Hey everyone,

Last night, Laura, her mom and I went to see Jesus Christ Superstar at the Schuster Center here in Dayton. I had seen and performed in it before, however, this performance was different because it featured Ted Neeley on his final tour. For those of you who don't know, Ted Neeley played Jesus in the orginal film version of the show and has toured with it on and off for 30 years.

Another cool things about this tour is that Corey Glover, former lead singer of Living Colour took the role of Judas. Very cool.
At first, I was nervous because at 63 years old, I wondered if Ted could still rip the high notes. I continued to be nervous up until the scene on the temple steps, where Jesus punishes the money lenders. Ted tore that part oup, completely. Gethsemany was another tune that I was worried about, but he pulled it off very well.

To the trained ear, you could tell that he was struggeling a bit with the part, but he pulled it off in the end.

Corey Glover did an excellent job as Judas. If you're not familiar with his vocal range, you should check out his stuff with Living Colour. His voice was edgy and raw during "Heaven On Our Mind" and he completely dominated the stage during "Superstar".

The pit was a bit dissapointing. The orchestra was made up of 5 performers (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Syhtesizer, and the conducter conducting from behind the piano). I was really hoping to see them go all out with the full blown orchestra, but I guess that just isn't possible ina traveling show. I'm pretty sure that I heard the GPO horns in there, however!

This is a traveling show, so if you get the chance, I definately reccomend checking it out.