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Topic: EWQL Gold : Cut-off notes

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    EWQL Gold : Cut-off notes


    Maybe someone can help me with the following problem. When I record a legato stringline with EWQL Gold everything sounds fine, but when I playback my recorded part the notes are somehow cut off earlier.
    I'm using Sonar 6. Can someone help me out with this one?

    Thanx already.

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    Re: EWQL Gold : Cut-off notes

    Polyphony problems maybe? Check the overall polyphony of the Kompakt player you're using, as well as the individual instruments polyphony setting.

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    Re: EWQL Gold : Cut-off notes

    I am under the impression that this could be more Sonar related than EWQL related... I remember friends mentioning the same thing for Miroslav, so can't be too sure...

    Ideas to try out:

    * Try making audio less midi tracks (to not stress the hard disk). try soloing 1 track
    * Try doing a bounce real time and not off line (which will give much more time for your hard drive to catch up)
    * Try playing with the DFD settings in Gold. In the SOL page, search for the word "DFD" and find the latest upgrades. should do the trick...
    * It could be that your hard drive with the samples in needs some heaby defragmentation...

    Other than that, I (we) don't have any more info from you to help you any further (cpu, RAM, hard disk speed, etc...)

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    Re: EWQL Gold : Cut-off notes

    Weren't there some problems using the DXI versions of the Kontakt derivative products in Sonar when using faster-than-realtime bounce? If you're using the DXI, try the VST instead, or as Nikolas suggests, bounce your tracks in realtime (I know, its tedious.)

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    Re: EWQL Gold : Cut-off notes


    I've installed the vst-plugin instead of the dxi and it works fine now!

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