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Topic: laid back simple drums.

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    laid back simple drums.

    can ayone recommend simple laid back drum software. I have RMX and it's cool and funky but bit busy. Something for real basic 4/4 rock, pop, countreeish

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    Re: laid back simple drums.

    Since you already have RMX, have you checked out the backbeat and retro funk sage expanders? Might not be exactly what you are looking for but check them out, if you get creative with the arrangement of the loops, I would imagine that you could easily achieve the types of rhythms you are looking for. I've found that many of the spectrasonics drum loops can be "simplified" by just removing and rearranging some of the notes.

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    Re: laid back simple drums.

    Backbeat and Liquid Grooves would be the best Xpanders to start with. :-)

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    Re: laid back simple drums.

    my favourite trick to calm down a beat that is too busy in RMX is to select the 8th notes as an edit group and push the solo button.
    That takes out all the 16th notes in between and makes the beat a whole less busy.

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    Re: laid back simple drums.


    apart from the amazing Spectra libs, I think you could check out the LoopLine libs I did for SONiVOX. They are about to become available.

    You'll find some demos and infos at:



    The exclusive distributor and publisher is SONiVOX so you'll have to deal with them regarding these.

    All the libs are in Apple Loops, Acid wave and REX2 formats.

    The REX2 format will be converted 100% to the RMX format (I tested every single loop) very easily, in fact the demos on the website were done using RMX .

    Best regards,
    Simone Coen
    Musician, Producer, Sample Library Producer

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    Re: laid back simple drums.

    I can also recomend the Backbeat Sage Expander. Don't forget that you can half time the loops too for a sparser sound...

    And now also at Flickr!



    View Simon Fielder's Profile at NorthernSounds.net

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    Re: laid back simple drums.

    thanks for all your replies!!

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