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Topic: Westgate FRENCH HORNS Now Available

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    Westgate FRENCH HORNS Now Available

    As part of our growing Modular Series,
    Westgate Studios is proud to announce the release of The French Horns Module.

    This library features 24 bit samples for Gigastudio 3.1 and Kontakt 2.1.
    On the DVD you will find a comprehensive set of patches for Solo Horn, Solo Horn (muted), Solo Horn (stopped), 4 Horns, 4 Horns (muted), 4 Horns (stopped) and a bonus instrument: 2 Horns.
    You simply can’t find samples like these in one library anywhere else.
    If you are looking to breath new life and stunning realism into your music, then this is the library for you.

    One important feature of this library is the Legato playing style. These patches contain not only expressive long notes, but also true legato interval samples that were recorded as the musicians played every note up and down from 1 half-step all the way up to a full octave. And you don’t have to load any special tools to control them because the Legato effect is powered by Gigastudio’s imidi rules and Kontakt’s scripting engine.
    Within this same instrument you can vary the Attack Strength of each note, control the use of Release Samples, and play Same-Note Legato Repetitions in any rhythm or tempo.
    With any other library you’d find your midi channels and tracks quickly filling up, but our focus was to pack as many features into each instrument while still keeping them easy to use.

    With Solo and various size section samples you can layer the instruments in a variety of ways to create a section of any size up to 7 players.
    This library has everything you need for creating dynamic French Horn tracks with velocity levels ranging from mezzo piano to triple F!

    Along with these highlights you’ll also find everything you’ve come to expect from the Modular Series:
    Up to 4 variations of Staccato and Marcato articulations, changing dynamics such as Crescendo, Diminuendo, and Fortepiano. You'll also find effects such as Flutter-tongue, Trills, and Rips.
    We’ve gone the extra step to make this a complete horns solution by including cinematic Chord Clusters in Sustain, Staccato and Crescendo variations.

    Product Features Tour (updated)
    Solo Horn Demo
    Horn Section Demo
    Muted Horns Demo
    Stopped Horns Demo

    Whether you are a power user or a hobbyist, the feature list and price of this module are enough to make any serious musician want to add these exquisite sounding instruments to their arsenal.
    We have only scratched the surface here. For a complete feature list and audio demos, head over to Westgate Studios.

    At a retail price of only $185 (US), the French Horns Module is available on DVD for either Gigastudio 3.1 or Kontakt 2.1.

    This library is Available Now at Westgate Studios.
    Westgate Studios
    Sound Libraries for Gigastudio and Kontakt

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    Re: Westgate FRENCH HORNS Now Available

    T. K. and company,
    Congratulations--I think your French horn module sounds great in the new demonstrations! Have you recorded or considered recording the legato transition samples at different speeds, or would the benefit of this possiblity be minimal? I have thought about playing slow to very slow passages in legato. Perhaps certain instruments such as the trombones and strings would sound better with more than one legato transition speed; I know this is late in the process to be asking for different legato speeds, so if this feature is presently impractical, just treat my response as a question rather than a request.
    Quote Originally Posted by timzydee
    [...]We ARE planning on implementing various speeds for Trombones however.
    I thank you for the prompt response, Tim. I have one more question for you: what would you judge to be the practical minimum system requirements in terms of processor type and speed, RAM size, and controller keyboard key number to use the modular series to sequence and then freeze to audio one track at a time? I have an Athlon 1.5Ghz processor, 3GB of RAM, and a 61-key controller keyboard.]

    [Edit 2:
    Quote Originally Posted by timzydee
    [...]The system requirements are the same as those for either Giga 3 or Kontakt 2.
    I thought that this might be the case absent other information at the Westgate Studios website--my thanks for your clarification.]

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    Re: Westgate FRENCH HORNS Now Available

    We actually started off with two different speeds but ended up sticking with the one with the most expression.

    We ARE planning on implementing various speeds for Trombones however.
    Westgate Studios
    Sound Libraries for Gigastudio and Kontakt

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    Re: Westgate FRENCH HORNS Now Available


    Sounds really great.

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    Re: Westgate FRENCH HORNS Now Available

    Hey Tim,

    Great work as usual man! I'm really impressed with the quality of the products you are putting out. Congrats on another great addition!

    Quick question for you. Are the numerous articulations available for all the various horns/sections? For example, are the repetition files, rips, trills, flutter tongue, cresc, etc available for solo horn, 2 horns, & 4 horns? Are they all available for muted & stopped as well?

    Do you plan on releasing a complete articulation list? Perhaps that will be easier for everyone.

    Best of luck, and keep up the great work!

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    Re: Westgate FRENCH HORNS Now Available

    Not all, but some. You can see the complete list of features on the Horns page by clicking the little "Features" button at the bottom.
    Westgate Studios
    Sound Libraries for Gigastudio and Kontakt

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    Re: Westgate FRENCH HORNS Now Available

    Thanks for pointing out the features button!

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    Re: Westgate FRENCH HORNS Now Available

    I forgot to also thank everyone here who contributed to the features request awhile back. Without many of your suggestions the library wouldn't be quite the same.
    Westgate Studios
    Sound Libraries for Gigastudio and Kontakt

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    Re: Westgate FRENCH HORNS Now Available

    I can't wait for the DVD to arrive. I ordered minutes after getting the upgrade e-mail.

    The cool thing about the demo is that, while it's not dry, it's dryer than I usually mix horns. If the lib sounds this good at that level of exposure, look out world!

    I can't wait to try layering the solo, two and four horns with separate recording passes for larger than life parts. Between the space, intensity, legato and multi-layer transitions, I expect that it will be killer.

    The repetitions are fantastic in the solo lib. Having repetitions across the board is, well, fantastic.

    And I've never done much with mutes and stops in the past. That will change soon! The mute and stop demos sound great!

    Tim, your best-of-breed libs just got even better!

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    Re: Westgate FRENCH HORNS Now Available

    Congrats on your newest addition. Like some of the demo music too. The stopped horns and muted horns pieces are really nice! good job on all accounts.


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