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Topic: First Post, Composition Idea

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    First Post, Composition Idea

    Well, hello everyone.

    This is my first post on this forum, and I really don't know where to begin. I have a few compositional ideas; and because I am only really beginning to understand this 'art form' my knowledge is very basic. Thankyou so much to the moderators for posting a reasonably easy to understand "Principles of Orchestration."

    The theory course I am processing (slowly) through is Delucia Hollands "Master Your Theory" books. They are excellent for learning theory, but it doesn't seem to allow for much creative and individual flare. The course (in my opinion) does not seem to allow for the 'praticle application' of skills such as compositions (i.e. compose a Romantic Piece). Currently I am processing through level four.

    I hope that someday, I just might compose something that I'm happy with. So fare there are one or two music compositions that I have completed for assignments, but nothing (that I would think) should be considered masterpieces. If not short of even being heared by the public ear (even in GPOse).

    Which is the best forum to post in asking for composition assistance? Without it being considered a 'dumb' question?

    The software that I use is:
    • Sibelius 4
    • Garritaan Personal Orchestra Sibelius Edition
    There is some wonderful talent on this board (Jerry Wickham is just one), and because of this I'm not sure if these compositions are worth sharing? They never seem to develop beyond the basic melody and harmony. I'm fine with composing melody's and harmony but I seem to have difficult developing these 'basic' ideas into fluent, consistent and memorable art-forms. Any suggestions?

    My composition idea is only basic and focuses on the image of a "persistant memory." Some of the instruments that I plan on useing include:
    • Flute
    • Oboe
    • Clarinet in Bb
    • Harp
    • String Section
    Cheers L42B

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    Re: First Post, Composition Idea

    Quote Originally Posted by L42B
    Which is the best forum to post in asking for composition assistance? Without it being considered a 'dumb' question?
    What about this one?

    It's not always what this forum is for, but it serves pretty much everything.

    so why not use this thread and start asking questions? someone will come around to help you I reckon...

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