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Topic: Changing Layers/Instruments Mid Performance?

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    Changing Layers/Instruments Mid Performance?

    Hi. I am using a fiddle instrument from the BFA Celtic Audio instrument pack. The tone is excellent, but I am sort of new still to the usage of GS (recently got GS3!) for mixing up the layers, attacks, vibrato vs no vibrato, etc. For example, I have a midi file playing from my sequencer (Power Tracks Pro). The fiddle gig file has multiple "instruments" (are these called layers?), only 1 of which can be mapped to a channel at a time (ex. fiddle fast attack w/vibrato, fiddle slow attack w/vibrato, etc.). The tune doesn't sound natural playing with the same attack throughout the song. No fiddle player would use a fast attack on every note of a song. Likewise a slow attack on fast-changing passages sounds unnatural. If I want to switch between fast attack and slow attack multiple times in the middle of the midi file, how do I do that? Or is that possible? My only thought was to record two performances to my DAW, then edit the heck out of it, doing cross-fades to change up the attacks.

    Any help appreciated!



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    Re: Changing Layers/Instruments Mid Performance?

    The magic tool you're looking for is called "Keyswitches" in gigastudio 3. I myself am new to GS3, so take a look at it in the manual. Its quite a simple process. In the end result, this is what you get : You have many layers of instruments (attack, legato, forte, etc) loaded on a single stacked midi channel. The keyswitching configuration gives you a set of keys to switch from each instrument, if you will. So, in reality, you'll be playing a legato passage. Quickly when you want to move to a staccato passage, press C1 (the keyswitch) and it'll change to staccato instrument so you can play staccato. No complex crossfades required.

    BTW, how are you synching GS3 to power tracks pro?

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    Re: Changing Layers/Instruments Mid Performance?


    That's EXACTLY what I was looking for! I'll dig into that today. To answer your question of how I'm syncing up PowerTracks and GS3, I simply identified PT as my sequencer from within GS3 on GS Configuration. Then I open PT from within GS (with the "open sequencer" button. Finally, I make sure That the midi output on my PT channels are set to "GigaStudio Port 1."

    Does that answer your question?


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