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Topic: MIDI keyboard response

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    Smile MIDI keyboard response

    When previewing instruments in GPO with my PC keyboard, I get a chrisp, distinct sound that is excellent. However, when playing the same instruments using my Alesis MIDI keyboard, the sound is more dull and not as crisp. I would be appreciative of any suggestions on what could be done to correct this and if others have experienced the same. Thank you.

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    Re: MIDI keyboard response

    I can think of a couple of issues it may be. My apologies if you've tried them already:

    The keyboard velocities are fixed, whereas an Alesis keyboard will be velocity sensitive. Try striking keys harder?

    The second idea is the modwheel. Behind Garritan libraries is the notion of volume and timbre control through the modwheel. As you increase volume by moving the modwheel up, timbre brightens as it would in a real instrument. The typing keyboard may take the set value in the player, but as you play on a midi board it may reset it. I don't have a midi keyboard with me, so unfortunately I am unable to test it right now.

    Hope this helps,

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    Re: MIDI keyboard response


    Many thanks for taking the time to respond. I believe the Mod wheel is the proper direction to look in, but I can't get the Alesis to mirror the strength that the GPO Mod wheel can generate. I'll keep experimenting.


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    Re: MIDI keyboard response

    Hi, Lreams--How are you doing with that issue you posted? Reegs definitely gave you the info you needed.

    The fixed full velocitiy you're getting from your computer keyboard is giving you the wide open full volume sound which you're liking because it's so robust and authentic sounding. But of course sequenced music needs to have a large variety of sound, of volume, timbre etc in order to sound like acoustically generated music. So you wouldn't want that full, bright Loud sound continuously in a recording.

    When you say, "...the sound is more dull and not as crisp..." you're reacting to the instruments being played at a lower velocity. The tone is darker, not as bright, programmed that way since acoustic instruments behave that way when played less loudly.

    You think that your keyboard's mod wheel isn't doing the same thing as the one in the Kontact player--but that's an illusion. Your Alesis wheel is able to send cc1 (or any MIDI controller) from a value of 0 to 127--the full range possible. Using cc1 in combination with different velocity values (also 0 to 127) will get you the full range of tones possible from your Garritan library.

    It is possible that your Alesis has several velocity curves available--many keyboards do. That would be a choice of several different velocity maps with varying degrees of sensitivity--for instance some settings may be flat, sending out a constant value of 100, other settings will respond with great sensitivity to the way you play the keyboard. Look into that, and make sure you're using a velocity map that gives you the full range and doesn't require you to smash the keys with a sledge hammer in order to get the highest value of 127.

    Randy B.

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    Re: MIDI keyboard response

    Randy B.,

    Thank you for your thoughtful and informative response. I, indeed, will examine these aspects of the Alesis in more detail. The breadth of dymanics that GPO offers has resulted in me having to delve far deeper into the configuation options of the Alesis than I ever have. I feel confident that I will eventually discover that illusive acoustical nuance that we all are forever in search of. I appreciate your kindness.


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