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Topic: Rock 'n' Rolllllllllll

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    Rock 'n' Rolllllllllll

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    Listened to the smooth and sultry sounds of Jack Russell (Great White) and Don Dokken (Dokken) last night live at the casino. They kicked ~~~!!!! Gotta love 80's hair metal. My wife even crimped her hair and made a shirt that said "Made in the 80's". What a great time! He he. Rock n Rolllllllllllllll (yelled in Dan's best 80's screaming voice).
    "They get what they vote for." PaulR

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    Re: Rock 'n' Rolllllllllll

    My 11 year old son has Ratt tunes in his PSP - he just loves it

    He is one of them super mondo cool dude mister popular at school (must of got it from me )
    So if he thinks 80's hair metal is cool... then you know it is

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    Re: Rock 'n' Rolllllllllll

    ...of course, if you're not in to 80's hair metal, the new Type O Negative album is out!!!! Anyone listen to it?
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    "They get what they vote for." PaulR

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