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Topic: My Ideas Concerning J&BB Steinway

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    My Ideas Concerning J&BB Steinway

    As an initial example of what I am doing with GPO/J&BB, I present an original piece for piano played by the J&BB Steinway. I prefer this sample to that in GPO for its basic sound quality as well as for its all-important brightness control. This performance was realized through the use of J&BB and Overture SE exclusively.

    To hide some of the obvious differences in volume and tonal quality that occur at velocity value 96, I have randomized my dynamics by first drawing them in with the straight line tool and then drawing a wavy line over the straight one in an effort to avoid such a sudden change in volume. Additionally, I have set a lower brightness level for each note that reaches velocity 96 or higher. I use a brightness value of about 96 for all notes with a velocity value lower than 96 and one of about 50 for those with a velocity value higher than 96. To my ear, this seems to help in the blending of the instrument's overall tonal quality.



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    Re: My Ideas Concerning J&BB Steinway

    Your link does not work directly. It must be copied and pasted into a browser. You need to re-type the link and then test it.

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: My Ideas Concerning J&BB Steinway


    Thank you for pointing that out.


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    Re: My Ideas Concerning J&BB Steinway

    Nice traditional Japanese scaling, Sean.
    I found the Direct link here...



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    Re: My Ideas Concerning J&BB Steinway

    Very nice Sean,

    I like what you did with this. When Tom gets back from vacation I'll ask him to listen and see what you've done with the blending.

    Thanks for posting this.

    Gary Garritan

    PS: Thanks for the mention on your Soundclick Page

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    Re: My Ideas Concerning J&BB Steinway

    WOW Sean, what an entrance! I love the ending so cool!
    I agree about the JABB piano being better than GPO's piano, good choice.

    WOW what a great piece of piano work you did with this! Imagine what the new Garritan Steinway is going to sound like I can't wait, but we'll have to I guess.

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    Re: My Ideas Concerning J&BB Steinway

    the player just keeps saying loading. i've waited for it for about 15 minutes now, and its still loading. i'll try back later, hopefully it will work then.
    -Keith Fuller

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    Re: My Ideas Concerning J&BB Steinway

    Thank you very much for the kind words. As I’m sure you will agree, such sentiment helps to fuel one’s efforts to create beautiful things.


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    Re: My Ideas Concerning J&BB Steinway

    Welcome aboard, Sean!

    Heck of a fine debut, too... a worthwhile piano piece;
    extremely impactful writing, as this gets roaring
    along, amidships.

    I liked the rendering in this, as well; a very "live"
    (buoyant) sound treatment; but never heavy-
    handed, very high clarity and good brilliance.

    My best,


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