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Topic: GS3 Crashes After Editing Instrument?

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    GS3 Crashes After Editing Instrument?

    I can no longer open one of the instruments on my computer. I have a library called "Celtic Instruments" from BFA. One of the fiddle instruments had a note that was flat. I went to the editor, found that note, enabled fine tuning, and entered a value in the "cents" window, and saved the "fiddle.gig" file. But now when I try to load this instrument, GS3 gives me an error message that says something about a "Conexant server error." I can't post the actual text because the program is locked up right now in the middle of crashing. this is the second time it's happened, so is definitely tied to this particular .gig file (was designed for an earlier version of GS for sure. After I end the program, I will not be able to open GS3 until I reboot my computer. I searched the site and several people reported similar problems without any solutions in the replies. Is this an unsolvable problem? Any ideas?



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    Re: GS3 Crashes After Editing Instrument?


    Turn off file monitoring in File|Gigastudio Steeings|Quicksound Tab.
    Reinstall the instrument from the original disc, then convert it to a v.3 file by right clicking it in the quicksound pane, and selecting "convert to gig 3.0".
    Then make your changes in the editor, refresh your qs databse, and you should be fine.


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    Re: GS3 Crashes After Editing Instrument?

    I've had instruments that sometimes won't reload after a save. Even though you can't load without an error you can sometimes "merge" the instrument into a new, blank instrument.
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    Re: GS3 Crashes After Editing Instrument?


    That worked! Thanks.


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