Hello , Roger here, This is my first post.
I have read the shakes tutorial, but I still can't get good results on shakes.
I use Cubase4 for my software.
I am also not sure which method is best for realistic results ( alterate notes, or manully drawing in portamanto in cubase controller lanes).
I wish there was just a keyswitch for a default shake like some other programs have, even if it was just a preset. One would still have the option of using that preset shake keyswitch, or not , and then choosing to write in in manually.
Any way as for now , if anyone uses Cubase 4 (or any version of cubase sx), please share with me how you create shakes,(step by step) . I think I would like the one long note, then draw portamento after, as my prefered method.(unless the other gets bettere results)

Any help would be very helpfull.