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Topic: Sibelius & Gigastudio

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    Sibelius & Gigastudio

    Hey all,

    Any help on this is much appreciated.

    My setup - just for FYI - dunno if it helps.
    Pentium 4 box, tons of RAM etc
    Cubase SX 4
    Gigastudio 3 Solo
    Sibelius 4
    and tons of other stuff Drum Kit from Hell, Fruity Loops Pro etc

    The question is between Sibelius & Gigastudio
    I typically (for non-live stuff) write notated music in Sibelius - Play that back through Gigastudio - capture it with Gigastudio as a .wav - bring that .wav into Cubase SX. Longer process but 100% perfect clarity etc.

    I used to be able to (before a format & a few upgrades)
    Bring up (either Sibelius or Gigastudio 1st - can't remember the order)
    And as long as I had my sound loaded in Gigastudio, Sibelius Staves linked via the Mixer to the Channel on Gigastudio where the sound was loaded, and Giga Out : Port 1 / Control selected via the Sibelius Mixer. When I did a live playback on Sibelius it would play out via Gigastudio and the selected sample package.

    This doesn't work anymore. I upgraded to Sibelius 4 and still no change... For the life of me I swear I'm doing it all right - even when you hit the "test" button in Sibelius you hear the Gigastudio sound - but during playback it is silent.

    I have no idea what's up...

    I know what I did before was probably an end-around way of doing it as it usually complained when I'd alt-tab back and forth about who had control of the MIDI - but it always worked anyway.

    There must be a "real" way to do this - an "official" way to get these 2 talking - especially as even in the Sibelius 4 upgrade pitch Gigastudio is listed as a linkable Sampler package.

    Again - any help is super appreciated. Suggestions please?

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    Re: Sibelius & Gigastudio

    Hi Daxxus,

    I am going to do my best to help you with this. I am a Sibelius 4 and Gigastudio 3 (ensenmble) user. I have been using these two paired up for years (started back in Sibelius 2 and using the old original GigaSampler). I can tell you that if you can actually hear the sound when you hit the TEST button then we are already very close. Let's get started.

    It is best rule of thumb to go into Gigastudio first and load up your performance (which loads up all your sounds and settings for your orchestration). Once you do that do not open Sibelius by going to start programs etc, instead be sure that you have set Sibelius as your sequencer within Gigastudio. This way you can launch Sibelius from WITHIN gigastudio. If you haven't done this here is how to set Sibelius to be your Gigastudio Sequencer.

    1. Go to FILE, and go to GIGASTUDIO SETTINGS.

    2. Right here on the general tab you can see the word Sequencer with a box around it. Right beside it you can see a little box with 3 periods in it. Click this little box and go to your sibelius program folder and click on the sibelius.exe to set it as your sequencer.

    3. Hit APPLY and OK. Now you are ready to use sibelius within Gigastudio environment.

    4. Now that you are back at your main gigastudio screen for your performance hit the launch sequencer button (it is the 5th button on the top icon bar of your performance. It is white with 4 musical notes on it.) This will launch Sibelius.

    5. Now that you are in Sibelius open up the score you want to get working.

    These settings we are about to go through are individual settings per performace/score. You will have to set them accordingly for every score you write in Sibelius. Everything I tell you to do now is within Sibelius. By this time you should have already loaded and tested within gigastudio that the sounds you loaded you can actually hear by testing them on the midi keyboard within gigastudio. Be sure if you haven't tested them you go back and do that real fast to be sure you have good volumes etc so you don't blow your head off when you hit the play button in Sibelius (been there, done that). Here we go.

    1. Go to "PLAY" menu and go into "playback and input devices".

    2. Make sure that you have all the Gigaports set to yes under the use column. Simply click the words no or yes to change them back and forth. Be sure to set your Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth to NO.

    3. Directly under the device list you will see a check box "send program changes early". Be sure it is UNCHECKED.

    4. Click the "Play in Background" button. Set this to " ALWAYS" and be sure to NOT have a check in the "but don't play when in background". This will ensure sibelius plays uninterrupted even if you ALT + TAB around.

    5. Hit OK two times and you should be back at the main score page.

    6. This time go to "PLAY" and "performance".

    7. In the bottom right corner you will see 4 check boxes under MIDI MESSAGES. It is important that you always turn off the "send reset controllers during playback" or Gigastudio will goof up horrifically. It will reset your sounds and you will go into Gigastudio and see that your istrument orders etc have all changed. The other 3 are ok and I have never had them cause a problem.

    8. In the middle left side is the reverb section, turn this off. You don;t want to double up your reverb since Gigastudio is where you should be doing an modifying to reverb (or in your sequencer when you are all done). This will also give your machine a bit more horsepower for giga since this releases some of the resources Sibelius uses.

    9. Hit OK to go back to the main score again.

    10. Go into "PLAY" and select Substitute devices.

    11. Be sure that every device here in the "original device" column is the same as the "play back using" column. (do not worry about microsoft GS Wavetable as you should have disabled that).

    12. Hit OK to return to your main score page.

    13. Hit M to bring up the mixer.

    14. be sure you go through and write down all your instruments in Gigastudio so you know where to map them in Sibelius.

    15. Your "device" should say GigaoOut: Port 1 / control.

    16. The only other thing you need to change is the CHANNEL setting. Be sure that it matches up with the slot you have it loaded in Gigastudio. So if I load flutes into Gigastudio Port 1 Slot 1, then in Sibelius it will be like this:

    Device - Gigaout: Port 1 / Control
    Channel 1

    17. You can also change the "SOUND" to flute if you like just for your own visual approval which is what I do.

    18. Now hit the TEST button.

    Does it play all the instruments back properly now in the test? If so continue on. If not stop right here and address it so we can figure it out up to this point. If it is working let's keep going.

    19. Leave up the mixer (because you want to be able to see the volume bars moving while you play your score.

    20. Hit the PLAY button. You should hear it playing back just fine. If not, do you see the volume bars moving in Sibelius? Leave the score running and flip over to gigastudio and tell me if the volume bars are moving in gigastudio.

    I hope this helps. Try all of this and post me your results.



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    Re: Sibelius & Gigastudio

    Maestro2be I can't thank you enough

    That description worked 100% perfectly. Now the 2 are fully integrated and working seamlessly with each other. Even when it "worked" before for all that time I still usually got "MIDI errors" popping up when I Alt-Tabbed between them. Now they are just wonderfully happy - and so am I.

    You seem very knowledgable on the subject so if you don't mind me picking your brain and taking another minute of your time for a quick "Gigastudio" type question.

    I am very interested in going to the next step in using the GigaStudio / Sibelius (or something similar you might suggest) setup for use with say the Vienna Symphonic Library. I haven't bought this product yet but am very close to getting at least the new Vienna Special Edition (http://vsl.co.at/en-us/65/71/214.vsl), but I do have some experience with these type packages because I do own the Overdrive (http://vsl.co.at/en-us/211/215/110.vsl) product by the same company.

    Ok - the question. I can't seem to find good documentation, tutorials, examples etc and so on how to fully utilize the different articulations. I realize that a key on your MIDI input device can switch between articulations - but all my experimentation has been pretty poor trying to get this to happen dynamically or even notated for playback which makes for negative sound. I know that there is a way to get all this happening as many full feature film scores utilize these packages and have completely seamless articulated sounds.

    Do you use these type products and if so do you use or can you suggest any purchasable reference material or links etc?

    Thanks to your awesome description of getting Sib & Giga working I'm feeling very excited to make this next jump.

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    Re: Sibelius, Gigastudio & Cool Edit


    I'd also like to say how useful i found that information (Re: playing sibelius through GigaStudio). I am new to GigaStudio and until then, i had found reading through the manual very tedious and couldn't see any info relating to this. As i am mainly using Sibelius through GigaStudio and rarely any external midi devices, it was becoming increasingly annoying to be unable to play anything in GigaStudio. So thanks.

    However, i've got another problem, and wondered if any of you could help. (That really detailed, step-by-step approach was really useful, and anymore help like that would be much appreciated)

    I'm sorry if i don't use much technical terms, but i'm very much new to all this stuff, so i'll try explain my problem as best as i can!

    I'm running an M-audio, Audiophile 192 soundcard, and as helped earlier, i now have my score on Sibelius 4, playing through GigaStudio 3, (by the setup detailed by maestro2be earlier). This works fine, and have managed to achieve some results which i wish to now create a .wav file from.

    This is my problem. I can't record/export/reduce (however you wish to describe it) the gigastudio sounds as an audio file, while i play the score through sibelius.

    I currently use Cool Edit 2000 as my sound editing program, (but i also have some knowledge to Cool Edit Pro, if it helps anyone to relate their experiences to that instead). I presume i use this as my DAW, to export my audio file into?

    From here on, it has been guess work as to what to do next. Using my experience of recording in Cool Edit 2000 i guessed i needed to setup Cool Edit 2000 to recognise the recording device, (which i think should be my soundcard, since the sounds that its playing back are the ones i wish to record).

    Being unfamiliar with this new soundcard though, i can't use Windows' Sound Recording window (from control pannel) like i used to with my old soundcard, which happened to have a really useful recording device - labelled "Record What You Hear" (or words to that effect.) But my new card, can't be set up in this way.

    For my new card, I think i need to set it all up in the 'M-Audio control pannel' which comes with the soundcard. But i can't figure out what the settings should be, as WavOut1/2 ,for example, doesn't mean a thing to me.

    I've read that people often use this Audiophile 192, for use with GigaStudio 3,(which i presume means they also use GigaStudio to export the audio too), but i haven't heard if people use this card with sibelius at the same time. So i'm not certain if its actually possible to export the audio into Cool Edit while, playing the score in Sibelius.

    Any help for this problem would be much appreciated (if you can manage to actually get your head round this too long reply!)


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    Re: Sibelius & Gigastudio

    I've now solved my problem! It was a lot easier than i thought, but I would never have known how to do it if it wasn't for this forums help! Thanks to all who contribute.

    I found i needed Sibelius to send a midi start message to GigaStudio. If anyone else is stuck with the same problem, and comes across this post, i will happily post up the midi messages required to start and stop sibelius, since this forum has helped me so much.


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