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Topic: Delay in midi thru

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    Delay in midi thru

    I'm a new GPO user trying to get everything set up. I'm trying to capture live perfomance from my midi controller keyboard. I have no problem running GPO standalone, but when I try to route my keyboard through a midi recording program (I've tried a few including Sibelius), there is a marked delay between key press and sound. The keyboard display on Studio appears to indicate the key press simultaneously to when I actually press a key, but the sound lags behind. I do not have this problem when playing direct to GPO standalone, so I do not believe it to be lack of resources.

    Any kind souls out there that might have the faintest idea what I'm talking about?!

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    Re: Delay in midi thru

    What you are describing is something called 'latency'. You just need to ensure that the 'midi recording' application is set to use dedicated ASIO drivers for your soundcard (not ASIO multimedia) and that the ASIO setting has a small buffer (eg 256 samples). I don't know where you do that in Sibelius though, but if you can't find it, I am sure someone else here will show you. I assume the standalone player has set itself up with ASIO drivers and short buffer hence no latency, but your midi appications are using some other drivers hence high latency. All these things can be set up entirely independently of each other so this is not an unusual scenario.

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    Re: Delay in midi thru

    You will find options for latency adjustment in the playback/input devices window inside of Sibelius.

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    Re: Delay in midi thru

    Thank you both for replying. The latency is set to zero already in Sibelius' playback and input devices window, so the problem must be somewhere else.

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